Let’s Have An Update!

In Which I Run Quite A Bit + Cycle Quite A Bit

Hang on, I’m thirsty. Need a drink.

Right I’ve got a drink. (Lemonade.)

Monday 21st: I ran the 3 mile route home that I normally run, uphill mainly. About halfway up the hill there was a woman in her pyjamas who started cheering me on and slapping her stomach with both hands. Made me run faster, I can tell you!

Tuesday 22nd: Went a longer way round after work (mainly to avoid stomach slappers house) and so ended up doing 4.4 miles.

Weds/Thurs/Friday – Nothing. There was a party in those days somewhere so what with drinking too much and having to recover, was lazy. Thus (thus!) I made up for it on:

Saturday 26th: I ran to work because I wasn’t starting til 11 which meant I had plenty of time for a shower when I arrived. 3.3mile, mainly downhill, meant an average pace of 8:42 per mile.

THEN! I ran home after work. But didn’t go my usual way, I ran into Shipley where I got on the canal (the canal path, wasn’t swimming) and ran to Apperley Bridge, and I then ran up Hemingway Road (named after me! Possibly not.) then ran back towards Shipley for a bit and the mile uphill towards home. Total distance – 10 miles. Total for day: 13.3miles.

Sunday 27th: I ran a recovery run home of 3.3miles which brought my weekly mileage to 27.3 miles! Nice!

Monday 28th: Day off today so decided to go out for a proper bike ride. Pumped my tires, filled my water bottle with energy drink and taped an energy gel to the bike frame. From home I cycled up to five lane ends roundabout and then went down towards Bradford town centre. My fastest ever speed on a bike is 38.7mph so did my best to beat that, but due to traffic the speedometer only got to 39mph. However, when I got home I checked my Strava app and it registered 40.3MPH! I actually broke the chuffing speed limit!!

I navigated through town, then got onto Thornton Rd which is a steady, slight uphill for 2 miles and then the next few miles have some climbing.

One long drag of just over 8 miles of uphill

One long drag of just over 8 miles of uphill

Getting to the end of the road I turned right, heading towards Keighley. Having never gone this way before I was pretty much having a guess as I kept forgetting to look at road signs. A long stretch of road with its ups and downs, getting up to 36mph in a 30 zone (rebel) and before long I was in Keighley town centre where I’d decided I’d treat myself to my Mixed Berry Energy Gel Warm Jam Tasting Goodness. Oh goodness, it’d fallen off. Didn’t even realise. If you’re even in Keighley and you find an energy gel, keep it, it’s yours now.

I was a bit chuffing put out, but there wasn’t anything I could do so just carried on. A shame though, that from Keighley to home is mainly uphill and my energy was getting low. I got to Shipley before long and then began the two miles uphill to my house. It was tough, but didn’t stop or get off once. Finally, the last turn. Little down hill, then home.


28.4 miles done in 2:13, averaged just under 13mph with 1’740ft of uphillness. Not too shabby!

So now its 10 weeks until the Yorkshire Marathon in York, (which means no beer until after that) followed by a week off (LOADS of beer!) and then just 30 short weeks until Ironman Lanzarote 2015. Times going by waaaayyyy too quickly!!

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11 thoughts on “Let’s Have An Update!

  1. well done!!! this is so , so incredibly great!

  2. OH belly slapping lady would casue me to take a more scenic route as well! Great work!

  3. Hemingway, just wanted to let you know I gave you a shout-out on Rite2Run today. I know it’s a little late, but you can join in on the virtual run for Katie any time with your friends.

  4. Only 10 weeks until the marathon???? Aargh!

  5. Calling the police. Speeding is a crime. I have a written confession as evidence. I hope there’s a reward😃

  6. It hurts just looking at that profile! But at least every bit of the way up you know there is a down (with no more up) still to come.

  7. That’s a nice bike ride.
    I went for a 15 miles bike ride yesterday after a long run, everything hurts today lol

  8. Great job! Sounds like you had an epic week!

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