To Long Run Or Not To Long Run…?

In Which I Wonder If I Should Do Another Long Run Before York Marathon

Two weeks ago I did my longest ever training long run of a 10 miles long run.

Last Sunday I went down to Northampton for a training course on the Monday for my new job. I took some beer on the train as it was a 5 1/2 trip and halfway down felt a dripping on my leg. Pretty sure I hadn’t wet myself (not done that in months) so checked my bag. A can had leaked. All over my clothes for the next day. Which is why, on a training course for a Security job, I stunk like an alcoholic. 


On Tuesday I went to run a longer long run training long run. I worked out a route on Tuesday morning and went out for a long run run long run run long run on Tuesday afternoon. 

I ran from home down towards the Apperley Bridge part of Leeds/Liverpool canal and headed towards Shipley. 

Within the first few miles of my long long run long run there were a few elderly cyclists coming along the canal path in the opposite direction. The first two passed by, put the third gimmer was looking down instead of forward and so I moved to the side of the path. He didn’t look up and so kept coming at me, which made me step over onto the grass verge where I stepped funny and slightly twisted my ankle. The old guy on the bike finally looked up and TUTTED AT ME!! He’d almost run me over, then almost knocked me INTO A CANAL then made me twist my chuffing ankle and FINISHED IT WITH A TUT! 

Wish I’d’ve pushed him in. 

Instead, I tutted back and carried on running. Apart from that, the run was quite uneventful (as run long long long runny runny runs tend to be.) I ran to Shipley then turned around and ran back to the bridge which leads up through the woods. When I goto the bridge I’d done 10k. I ran back to Shipley where I had an energy gel, then ran back to the bridge which leads up through the woods. I then did the same again (but without an energy gel) and then ran a little bit more and finished 13.1miles in 02:11. (27 minutes quicker than September 2012 half marathon!)

I walked up through the woods and then had a slow walk home, where Sarah cheered for me and had made a banner. (Not really, she’d napped the whole time I was out! Lazy)

I was a bit sore the rest of the day and a bit of the next day, but felt fine. I started my new job on Thursday as a Security Guard in a shopping centre and so am on my feet walking around 10 miles a day. Shifts are either 8 or 10 hours so it’s a lot of walking. I did my third day yesterday and my feet were killing by the end of it. I used to work there a few years ago though and know I’ll get used to it before too long.

Today’s my day off, but my legs hurt more from work than they did from the long run run run long run long. I have another day off tomorrow, but then a 13 hour shift Tuesday due to an event at work Tuesday evening so won’t be running long this week. 

That means I’ll probably only be able to get one more long run in before York, as the week after is taper week. I’ve heard that today is the last time you should run long as the marathon is in 3 weeks time. I’m off next Sunday, so should I go for a long run two weeks before the marathon or do lots of shorter runs? 

Run long run run long long long run long run long?

Or… Not?


In Which Everything Is Updated

Hopefully you have closed the page down already, thinking you’re on the wrong blog or anything. It’s still me! Still Marc Hemingway! Still blogging, just looks different! Come back! COME BACK YOU BAS… Oh, there you are. Good.

Yesterday, as I’m sure you’re aware, apple released an update for the iPhone (ios7) and obviously, being the reckless kinda person I am (I had my lunch early today!) I updated ASAP.

Following that, turns out every app has an update to be more ios7 compatible so updated those too.

Then looked at my blog and it’s always been the same layout, so updated this too.

Then some updates were out of date so I updated those too.

Just got through updating my races and stuff, by which time my updated updates were out of date, so updated those too.

Just thought I’d update you.

UPDATE: I’ve just made a Facebook page for my blog and stuff which is over there somewhere ——->

Like it, and I’ll like you.

Long Run, Facts And A Competition!

In Which You Can Win Something! (Not From Me, I’m Not That Generous)

Last Thursday I finally FINALLY got out and did a long training run. I’ve been doing little runs from work and around the area where I live, but this is the first time I’ve hit double figures. I did 10 miles! To put into perspective, this is the 3rd longest I’ve ever run, whether training or racing. These are my longest ever distances:

  • 1 x 26.2 mile marathon.
  • 1 x 13.1 mile 1/2 marathon.
  • 1 x 10 mile training run.
  • 1 x 8 mile training run.
  • 7 x 10k races.
  • Plenty x 3 mile or less training runs.

“But Marc!” You cry. (Why are you crying? Wuss.) “What about all the training runs you did before Blackpool marathon?”

“Look.” I reply, “I hardly did any. And that’s why it hurt so much and took weeks to recover. Wipe your tears or I’ll get the blister picture out again.”

I was aiming for around a 10:15 per mile pace (which in the marathon would give me a Sub 4:30 finish) so was pleased when I got home and saw that I’d averaged 09:58 a mile.

Although it seems my house sunk 3ft while I was out...

Although it seems my house sunk 3ft while I was out…

With only 4 weeks of training left before York Marathon, I’m making sure I get a long run in each week, upping the distance each time. Depending on which articles you read depends on how far you go on your longest long run before marathon day. Some say 20miles a few times, others say only go up to 16. I’m putting faith in the ‘only go up to 16 miles’ article, because it’s on the internet and therefore true.

Also, I’ve been practicing with energy gels. (Something else I didn’t do for Blackpool Marathon.) I got to about 5 1/2 miles on my long run and felt a bit tired, so had a gel (took ages, they’re like jam. Jam!) and felt a bit better for it. Plus they have energy drink stations around the course in York, whereas Blackpool just had water. They also have Lucozade energy gel at miles 15 and 20, but I’m expecting these to have gone by the time I get there. I might get myself one of those oh-so-cool gel pouch things!

(Ha! Just remembered I had a dream the other night about lining up for a race, and Sarah was shouting at me that I’d entered the disabled race by accident, so I decided to pretend to be blind. I was stood in the line up, looking up and off to one side, blinking my eyes loads.)

Marathon Facts

You lose around 2kg (4.5lbs) doing a marathon due to sweat. Think on that when you go to hug your loved ones at the end.

In 1908 the length of the marathon was going to be 26 miles, starting at Windsor Castle and finishing at White City Stadium. Queen Alexandra told them that they had to extend it a further 385 yards(to total 26.2 miles) – so that the royal children could watch the race from their nursery. When you get to the 26 mile marker in your marathon, remember that if it wasn’t for spoilt little brats, you’d be finished.

If you weigh 140lbs and run 10 minute miles, you’ll burn just under 2’800 calories doing a marathon. (If it wasn’t for those pesky Royal kids, it’d be less.) They say to eat an average of 2’000 – 2’500 calories a day, so added to the calories you burned off you can go ABSOLUTELY MENTAL on junk food for the rest of the day.

I don't even...

That horse has arms. ARMS.

Famous Marathoners:

  • Gordon Ramsey finished the Los Angeles marathon in 3 hours, 36 minutes.
  • George W. Bush ran the Houston marathon in 1993 in 3 hours, 44 minutes.
  • Ryan Reynolds ran 2008 NYC Marathon in 3 hours, 50 minutes, 22 seconds.
  • Will Ferrell completed the Boston marathon in 2003 in 3 hours, 56 minutes, 12 seconds.
  • In 2003, Sean Combs (Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Piddely Diddely) ran the NYC Marathon in 4 hours, 14 minutes, 54 seconds.
  • Alanis Morissette did the NYC in 2009 in 4 hours, 28 minutes, 45 seconds.
  • Katie Holmes finished the 2007 New York City marathon in 5 hours, 29 minutes, 58 seconds.
  • To raise money for Sports Relief, Eddie Izzard ran 43 marathons in 51 days after only 5 weeks of training.

The average man completes the marathon in: 4h, 32min and 8 seconds

The average woman completes the marathon in: 5h, 6min, and 8 seconds

It takes roughly 46’112 steps to get round a marathon.

99% of people have never done a marathon. In America, it raises to 99.9% that have never done one.

Suitably motivated? Good, on to…


(You probably just scrolled straight to this anyway. If you did, you missed some GREAT facts.)

I got an email from the Leeds Abbey Dash organisers who are busy organising the Leeds Abbey Dash and who are running a competition for 2 free entries to the Leeds Abbey Dash (which they are organising.)

It’s a lovely, flat, out and back route and it starts and ends in Leeds City Centre. (Near where the pubs are.)

Takes place on Sunday 17th November.

Probably best if you live in/around Yorkshire for this one…

Good Luck!

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Sarah’s Granddad Completes His First Ever Triathlon… At 83!

In Which You Are Impressed. Admit it.

Last Sunday was the day of Skipton Sprint Triathlon, 400m Swim, 20k Bike Ride and then a 5k Run.

Running the race were two of Sarah’s uncles, Nigel and John, and her Granddad Norman, who is 83 years old and decided that he fancied completing his first triathlon. At 83 years old. A triathlon. He’s 83.

I stole borrowed this from the Telegraph and Argus website:

“Spectators in Aireville Park were treated to an inspirational display of courage and determination as 400 athletes battled against blustery conditions to complete the Skipton 2 Late Summer Triathlon.

The event, held over the same course – 400 metres swim, 20 kilometres cycle and 5km run – as the popular Skipton Triathlon in April, attracted entrants of all ages.

The youngest was 15-year-old Zoe Kitching of Leeds, who completed the race in a time of 1hr 24min 24sec to win the female youth category.

 The oldest was 83-year-old Norman Redmond, also of Leeds, who clocked 3:10.40 as he finished his first-ever triathlon after spending many years watching his sons compete in the sport.”
It was a very cold and windy day on the day of the triathlon and we were all VERY impressed with Norman (at 83!) and very chuffed for him when he finished. If he can do something like that at 83, there’s no reason the rest of us can’t do something similar at our age! (Unless you’re like, 84 or something…)
Update for Marathon Training
Last week myself and Rob arranged to go on a bike ride from Bradford to Skipton and back, 19miles each way. We went the wrong way at Keighley and so ended up cycling back on ourselves for a few miles, then found the canal so followed that towards Skipton. Instead of 19miles, we rode 26miles to Skipton, where we stopped for some food and then due to Rob working nights, caught the train back towards Bradford. I then cycled home another 4 miles for a total of 30miles. (Missing the target by 8.) Going to try it again this week but with a better idea of direction. (Also, we almost missed Skipton completely but luckily when we pulled into the side of the road, another cyclist stopped to see if we had a puncture or anything and directed us the right way.)
On Thursday I arranged to meet my friend Clare early in the morning (Half 8! Ugh!) for a practice run as she’s just started doing the Bradford Park Run and wants to get her time below 40mins. (Her best time for the 5k was 42:06.) I ran a couple of miles before meeting up with her and then we ran along the canal and through a bit of woods, then finished up in Idle.
The 5k route took us just over 40mins, so looking good for her next Park Run. I had therest of the day off, and after calling in at the Supermarket and walking home it wasn’t even 10:30. I was amazed, I’d done my run for the day, gone shopping and now had a full day off to feel smug about exercising early. That might be the way forward, instead of getting up on a day off and watching TV til lunch, THEN going for a run, I’ll get up early and run before lunch! (We’ll see how well that goes…)