Because sometimes you need a kick up the arse

Next time you want to quit, or skip a run, (as in, miss a run, not skip around the run instead of running the run…) watch this video and re-evaluate your commitment to what you want to achieve.

Inspiring Photos

I love it when people put these on their blogs and Facebook and stuff, each one gives me a little push of motivation. I might print them out and look at them when the running gets tiring, but then I’d probably run into a tree or a dog or something.

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36 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. so beautiful. loved this!

  2. Great video. Haven’t seen that before. It puts things in perspective. I recently did a 1/2 Ironman which I was very nervous about. When I finished I watched a guy in the 75-79 age group finish. Sometimes we need that jolt to remind us that it is not all about us. Thank you.

  3. Such an amazing video!! I love it!

  4. Amazing! Truly awe inspiring – what a man! I will come back here when i am feeling a bit low cos I put on a couple pounds !

  5. This is the most inspiring transformation I’ve ever seen. Truly amazing!

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  7. I think if you want to skip a run…you should actually skip the run…I mean do the same route and such like only skipping the whole way πŸ™‚ it would be awesome! Now I want to make a break from work and go for a skip!

    Ok…I get that this wasn’t actually the point of this page but it made me laugh and I think if there were more people who weren’t afraid to skip in public there might be more people inspired to try being more active…

    no…I am not biased just because I Morris dance…

    Sorry…I”l get my coat :-p

    (thanks for liking / following my blog by the way :-D)

  8. love this! thinking of adding an “inspiration moodboard” to my blog as well, and add my own images & graphs. Do you mind me copying the concept?

  9. Inspired! Sweat is fat crying made me chuckle. Thanks

  10. These inspirations are terrific – thanks for compiling and sharing. By the way – I love your murals!

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  12. From reading people’s comments and my own experience clicking around your blog, I’m sure your (British?) sense of humor makes a lot of people’s day. Thank you for sharing this amazing video and for visiting my blog. I’m sure you’l accomplish everything you want, and please do let me know when you publish your book. I’m sure it’ll be a hit with that writing style of yours… Cheers!

  13. Great collage to glory!

  14. love them, thank you so much : )

  15. Thanks for the “like”! Good luck on your quest for 2,013 this year!

  16. thanks for liking my post! and awesome quotes you have there! πŸ™‚ thank u !

  17. This was a really cool collection. It’s enough to keep anyone motivated for the time being.

  18. Great Post! Reading about other peoples experiences is awesome. Keeps me doing what I do which is helping men and women achieve their fitness goals. To get stronger, fitter, faster!

  19. I really like the idea of having an inspiration page! This is great.

  20. Have you heard of It’s kind of like a fitness-focused Facebook. I kind of mess around with it sometimes, but a lot of people use it to track workouts (points are awarded for workouts, and more points = badges and levelling up) etc. There’s also a pretty good community on there. Users motivate each other pretty frequently, and all the interactions I’ve seen look really positive.

  21. I do love these too but I never save them – I just hope that another one will come along when I need it again! Thanks for the heavy dose!

  22. Thank you for bringing all this together into one post!

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