Running Naked! (Accidentally)

In Which I Accidentally Run Naked

I wasn’t planning to, but today I ran naked. Outside. Nakedly.

I am, of course, referring to running without technology. (Of course I wore clothes. You minx.)

As I say, I wasn’t planning to run without anything motivating me but when I picked up my iPod, the battery was dead. Didn’t want to wait to get out running (might’ve not gone at all if I’d waited) so thought ‘sod it’ and got out the door.

I’d worked out a roughly 10k route in the morning, set Nike+ App going and I was away. Normally, the app shouts out at me every km that I pass, updating on how far/fast I’ve gone, but when I figured I’d gone well passed the first km, I still hadn’t heard anything.

Chuffing phone was on silent.

Couldn’t be bothered taking off my armband that holds my phone when I’m running, then messing about with the settings, so (remembering an article I’d read somewhere) I decided to listen to my body and ran to how I felt.

This is the first 10k I’d run since the York Marathon in October so didn’t want to push myself. Aimed for around about an hour to an hour and five, and put quite a few short walking breaks in. Turned out to be quite a nice day too!

The furthest I ran non stop was around two miles, mostly down hill. On the last mile (all uphill) my legs started to hurt a bit, so took it even easier. Finally, home.

Like I said, was aiming for around 01:00:00 – 01:05:00, figuring from how I felt when running I’d kept a pace of around 10:15 – 10:30 minutes a mile.

App says no.

I’d run an average pace of 9:14 minutes a mile, and ran the 10k in 57:24.

Not only had I run faster than I thought, I’d run my third ever fastest 10k! (If you don’t believe me, add me on Nike+! Marc Hemingway)

It seems that my training plan that I’ve been sticking to is working! The amazing thing is I had no soreness or stiffness in my legs at all, not even now. (Normally do!)

Next week I might try the same route again, but try push myself, see if I can get a brand new PB.

How’s your new years training?

In Other News

Cycling home the other night, got a new speed PB… 34.4mph on my mountain bike!)

Also, looking at two triathlons in April. One in Skipton, one in Queensbury. Not forgetting the Bradford 10k in March!

Next event: Mad Dog 10k

2014 is here!

In Which I Get Going

Happy New Year! How was it? Ha ha, really?! How embarrassing! I’m sure they’ll forget.

As you might know, I’ve started my 20 week pre-Ironman-training training. Which meant that on the 1st day of this New Year, at 9:30am, I found that I was out on the streets running.
It was my first run in my new Brooks running shoes that Sarah’s mum bought me for Christmas, and they were very comfy. Also, it was my first run in about 4 weeks, and was surprised how good I felt.

I managed to clock in 5 miles, and one of which (downhill) was timed at 7:22!

I didn’t see many people about but did pass a couple of runners. (Before I set off, I made sure I was wearing a race t-shirt so that I didn’t get confused with a new year resolution runner.) And they both nodded at me, so that was nice.

BUT! (But!) My training isn’t as perfect as you might imagine! I’ve run all the times I’ve needed, and cycled more than needed, but I’ve not yet gone swimming. And that is the fault of the swimming pool. Thursday’s, it seems, they only have adult swim for an hour. And during that hour, I was drinking a hazelnut mocha in Costa coffee. Gonna have to swim twice next week!

Also, entered York Marathon again!

In Other News
The handle on our toilet broke, so bought a new one.