Just A Little Info

In Which I Take It To The Next Level

Just a quick update today because I have a long blog update coming in the next few days, which will be a prequel to this sequel or a threequel or just another one I guess..?

Whatever, me. Anyway! Today I went to Eccleshill swimming pool to do a bit of swimming. (Obviously.)

I’m not the best swimmer in the world (if I was I wouldn’t be a security guard, I’d be a swimmer full time showing off my swimmers) so needed to time myself for 400 metres.

Whys that? You ask.

And I’ll tell you if you let me get a word in!

Its because I’ve entered my first ever triathlon! Skipton triathlon on the 31st August. (Next chuffing week!!)

The course is a 400m swim in a pool, a 20km (12mile) cycle, then a 5k (3.1mile) run. Its only the swim that’s slightly worrying me (only learnt to swim last year) but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

As a reward for… err… Wanting a reward, this is tonight’s entertainment. (You’re damn right that says 3D!)


In Other News
My official, lanzarote ironman hemingwayrun training top arrived, and I love it!





If you see me in this, come say hello! (Or throw stuff. You might be that kinda person.)

12 thoughts on “Just A Little Info

  1. you be great at the tri! swimming will take some time but once you get use to it, you be all set

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOO how exciting!!!

  3. LOVE it! No doubts you will ROCK that Tri!! Go get em!! Good luck 😊😊😊 ✨👊✨👍👍

  4. Good luck for the triathlon… my company are looking into entering a tri here in the desert, but we’re wimping it and doing it in teams (I get to do the running bit, yay!)

  5. Big goal! I hope that you make it! Best of luck, and good luck in skipton ( could anything be more opposite to lazarote?)

  6. Sweet! Good luck! I still can’t believe I haven’t done a sprint tri yet. Need to remedy that.

  7. Love the shirt! I am doing my first triathlon in September, 750 lake swim, 20k bike and 5k run. The swim for me is the easy bit! Its the putting it all together that worries me. I have done a few brick sessions bike then run, and that is hard!

  8. Sounds like fun!
    I’ve always wanted to do a triathlon but the swimming is my biggest problem. Some day I’ll try it.
    The tshirt is really nice!

  9. Cool a tri – get you captain fit! Best of luck with all your training – just don’t wear the t shirt in the pool 😉

  10. That’s awesome you found a swim in the pool, part of my fear with some of these is swimming in lakes or oceans – I’m not a swimmer either. Great work and keep it up!


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