Ironman Radio: Homemade Video

In a post last week, I mentioned that Father In Law was going to be on the radio to talk about Ironman (competition, not the movie.)

The other day, he was on it. The link to it was put on the radios website, but the sound quality was poor, so I decided to do a bit of technical wizzardry and make the sound listenable. Then decided to take it a little bit further and make a video to go along with the sound.

(Also, does anyone know how to change the background so it’s not a baby? Thanks!)


12 thoughts on “Ironman Radio: Homemade Video

  1. Very nice job making a video of the interview.

  2. As for changing a YouTube video’s thumbnail, I Googled around a bit and found this video ( entitled “How to change your video thumbnail on YouTube – 2012 Tutorial”. 😀

  3. Haha awesome! Nice video. I think the reason it does that is because the baby is exactly halfway through? YouTube picks out points of the video as a cover photo. When you uploaded it there should’ve been maybe 2 or 3 choices for a cover photo (as different points in your film).

  4. Your choice of pictures to accompany what was being said was nothing short of pure brilliance. Moreover, as Deborah said, it was “hilarious!” and super entertaining as well! 😀

  5. Also, if it’s YouTube they randomly select an image from the video to use, and there’s not much you can do about it, unfortunately.

  6. Well done on the video!! It’s hilarious!

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