2013 in 2013

In Which I Set Myself, And Yourself, A Challenge

Between now and the start of 2013 I will be doing three major things in my life:

  1. Buying a house.
  2. Getting Married.
  3. Surviving the Mayans.

Exciting I know! Mayans of all things!

I’m sure you’ll agree, these are all big big things to be happening in my life. The biggest thing that happened lately is that I bought an out of date magazine so you’ll understand that the word ‘big’ was used twice in a row for a reason. Which brings me to 2013, and wanting to set myself a challenge.

The other day I was looking at my stats on my Sports Tracker App and it said that I’d done just over 100 miles since I started. That’s 100 miles of running since I started a few months ago. “Wouldn’t it be great,” said the voice in my head, “To do 1’000 miles in a year!” “Yes!” Said my mouth (making a customer at work look at me funny) “Yes it would!”

Today at work, the voice in my head said “Wouldn’t it be better, if you did 2013 miles in 2013!”

Sometimes the voice in my head is a bit of a knob.

The idea is now there though, and refuses to budge. Which is why for the past hour I’ve been thinking about and working out average millage per month/week/day. (168/39/5.5 if you were wondering.) I’ll be doing this for charity, and so obviously will be aiming to raise Β£2013.

If anyone else wants to take on the challenge, feel free to join in. Whether it’s Running, Walking or Cycling, it all adds up. If anyone wants to make me a logo for this page, feel free too. T-Shirts and things to follow. If 2013 miles is too much, how about 2013 kilometres? You never know, if enough of us decide to do it we might get a bit of publicity! If ten of us manage, it’s Β£20k raised for charity!

Of course, this is still in it’s infancy so might end up just being something else I blog about, but hopefully it will turn into more.

Even set up another Twitter account for it (just in case)

Thinking further on it, I could set up a website and have a monthly leader board for miles done and stuff! Yeah! Where ever you are in the world you can join in, send me your millage each week and I’ll update.

If you fancy it, send me your email address to


and I’ll let you know when it’s all sorted properly.

Let me know!


To make things a bit clearer, you can do the miles or kilometres however you wish, whether it’s Running (Road or Treadmill), Swimming, Walking or Cycling. Or a mixture! I think mine will be mainly running/walking, with a bit of cycling thrown in for good measure!

Anyone, anywhere in the world is welcomed to join in.

If you choose to raise money, choose any charity you wish.

Email me weekly with your millage updates and I’ll update your stats. (When I decide how to show it…)

I’m working on a month by month chart that you can print out, with daily/weekly/monthly averages and you can then fill in your details after each session.

FAQ section ASAP!

33 thoughts on “2013 in 2013

  1. This is a great idea for a challenge. Probably like many others, I immediately started to look through my logger. So far about 800 miles of everything this year, but next year should be more. Wish you good luck and good health to complete your challenge. I will keep checking on your progress. πŸ™‚

  2. Viva la revolution! Congrats on all three, though the wedding particularly, eeeeeeeeeee!, Thinking about 2013 km in 2013, have a sneaky suspicion that navy training being compulsory is going to help with this. I was recently trying to set my six months of goals before my next birthday – good for thinking!

  3. Sounds exciting! I’m such a beginner, I have zero concept of how crazy that is. Congrats on getting married next year, too. A year in to mine, I love it!

  4. Were you checking to see if we were really reading this to add in the Mayans? I think it worked!

  5. I’m so one for doing 2013 km of exercise in 2013, running, walking and biking combined…I have however already my own charity collection so I might transfer the idea there (if you don’t mind me stealing) πŸ™‚ It was a super good idea though.

    And btw, congrats on getting Freshly Pressed πŸ™‚

    • Thanks!
      I think all I’ll be doing with the 2013 idea is keeping a record of peoples millage and putting it on a site somewhere. Everyone can raise money for whoever they like!

  6. Great idea! I might opt for 201.3 mIles a year, what’s a decimal point between friends?

  7. Damn You! (Said my brain, as opposed to my mouth, because my mouth got the hint that no one was around and is rather a stickler on not making the whole head appear an idiot). You’ve thrown down a challenge and I adore a challenge! And yet, and yet…. I have numerous reasons why I can’t:
    #1. I’m terribly lazy and full of excuses.
    #2. Have you seen the air quality in Beijing?–and I’m here 9 solid months, and some change, of 2013.
    #3. Do you realize this is over 5.5 miles per day? For a whole year? Are you mad?

    Fine, I’m in.

  8. I love this idea! I went straight to my running log to see what I had done this year – just under 1300 miles…so that’s still quite a way to go in two months! I guess if I was committed to it for the entire year it would be possible…hmmm….January and February would be low mileage here in Minnesota….maybe I could cross-country ski some miles!
    Keep us posted!

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  10. Looking forward to following how this turns out. If anything take form, count me in as it sounds like a great challenge, could be for a great cause, and would be something even better to talk about!

  11. I think it’s a fantastic idea! I am in a similar situation as mizunogirl. Would we have to raise pounds? What charities would the $ go to? I don’t have a particular charity, just curious. If it’s going to “People without Beer” I’m all for it! (chuckle).

  12. I’ve toyed with this for a long time (2 years) and it is a great idea in theory but there’s a lot of dedication that would need to go into it to do it.

    For 2013 I’m not going to commit myself to doing it to be fair on my family I’ve spent a lot of time away this year doing running weekends and it’s probably time I should be at home a little bit.

    What I will commit to is this: In January and February I will forward details of my runs etc and if at the end of February I’m anywhere close to being on target for the year I’ll keep it up.


  13. So do I understand this correctly, you could mix it up and not just run, but walk or bike, depending on how you feel that particular day?

    • Of course! I mean, walking round the shops wouldn’t count, but if you’re walking as exercise it would. I’m still a newbie runner, so have little walking sections when I’m out most times and I still count that as a run!

  14. That’s a great idea – although crazy! I’d definitely sponsor you and I might join you but I’ll see how I feel towards the end of the year first! I have the marathon in April so I can probably do most of those miles in the first four months of the year.

  15. I’d be in, but I’m on the “wrong side of the Pond!”

    • You don’t have to come over here to run/walk/bike! Just keep track of your distances. Everyone can email them to me once a week and I’ll update it all. πŸ™‚

  16. love the idea, I am doing a 150k a month challenge now, and have been since August. It’s a great motivation. My only issue would be the distance. It’s hard in the winter in these parts to put up big mileage and I have found myself leaning more towards intensity over distance. If you decide to do the 2013k in 2013 I would be thrilled to take part, the 2013 miles in 2013 would be an amazing challenge and I would also like to give that a go, though the distance is a little daunting lol.

    • It’s up to each person to decide on which distance, I’m sure will start off with the miles and change to the kilometres. You’ll fly through it if you’re already doing 150k a month!

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