Where’s The Time Going?!

When I started this blog, the little countdown counter-downer thing said ‘3 Months Until Great North Run.’

It now says ’29 Days Until Great North Run.’

Where have the last 2 months gone? That means it’s about 3 months ago that we were in Lanzarote watching the Ironman contest when the idea of doing the Great North Run first hit me! I think I need to up my running a bit, suddenly it seems a bit more real (and close!) 

My race pack arrived the other day with my race number and timing chip inside, and the number is pink (again!) It means that I start quite near the back. Which means that I have loads of people to overtake! (HAHAHAHAHA!)



Also, tomorrow is the Birchwood 10k run in Warrington. According to the website, it’s quite a flat course and is in it’s 29th year. No medal for this one, but you do get a towel, which will come in handy for mopping up all the sweat.



Hoping for somewhere close to (hopefully under) an hour for the run. My last three 5k’s were 0:30:23, 0:29:36 and 0:30:07, so I should be near if I can keep the same sort of pace. If not, I’ve got the Great Yorkshire Run 10k in two weeks where I can smash the hour! 

2 thoughts on “Where’s The Time Going?!

  1. good luck with great north run, when you see elvis you haven’t started hallucinating but you haven’t got long to go! see you at th efinish lone

  2. I just said the same thing to myself too. My counter also says one month until my 10k. I don’t know if I’m prepared though but I’m signed up for 2 more 5Ks before the 10k. Good luck with your race I’m not planning on running a 10k before hand so I’m winging it but at least i have a friend running it with me!

    P.S. I LOVE your outlook on getting the pink # lol!

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