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On September 16th myself and a few others are doing the Great North Run in Newcastle for charity. 54’000 people will be there, all running for charities and/or personal reasons. I’ve entered because I wanted a bit of a challenge and I need to get fit. I’ll be honest with you (why would I lie? We’ve only just met!) I can’t really run. Which means that the 13.1miles of the Great North Run might be a *bit* of a challenge…

On May 19th 2012 we were in Lanzarote cheering on Father-in-Law and Uncle-in-Law competing in the Lanzarote Ironman competition. The course is 2.4mile swim, then 112mile bike ride AND THEN a 26.2mile marathon, all within a 17hour time limit. They both finished. Watching them, I realised just how unfit I actually am. The walk to work tires me out in a morning, not to mention actually being at work. (I work in a furniture shop, so a fair bit of lifting and shifting!)

Whilst we were out in Lanzarote, I mentioned to my friend Martyn that I wanted to enter a race of some kind to motivate me to getting fit. We agreed on the Great North Run (as he lives in Newcastle) and both decided to enter (13.1miles.)

Did I mention that I can’t run? Oh dear.

One thought on “What It’s All About…

  1. I am not a big running fan ethier to be honest. The longest that I have ever run is during a football match. But having said that, as you know I have been running training this month in prep for the event and have made quick progress in terms of my stamina and overall well-being. My energy levels have increased rapidly and I have started to loose weight and feel great. I look forward to the training ahead and having great health!

    Regardless of your previous inactivity, the human body is actually perfectly designed as a walk, jog and running machine and you will quickly adopt to the runs ahead. Just remember to take each run one at a time and enjoy!

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