Post 10k Laziness

I have hardly done anything to help my Great North Run training this week. If fact, I think I’ve sent it backwards a bit. This is what I’ve done (and not done) since last weekend.


My train got me into New Pudsey a little after 6pm on the day of the 10k run. Sarah collected me from the station (bless her) and we went to McDonalds for tea. Had an early night as was tired from the run. Also, my head hurt a bit.


For my dinner I had left over chinese food that was in the fridge. I had the day off and Sarah was at work so I played on my PS3 for most of the day. In the evening I had a couple of beers. No exercise.


Family birthday party so loads of family and friends were round. I drank a bit too much. Also, I ate too much. No exercise.


Bit hungover. Went to the cafe for lunch (had a full english) and a full fat coke. In the afternoon I went to the cinema with Steven to see Batman (brilliant!) and ate a full tray of Nachos. With Salsa. And a large coke. (Coke was seperate, didn’t mean that I dipped my Nachos in or anything.) No exercise.


First day back at work, snacked a bit most of the day on crisps. Had a healthy lunch of steamed veg, but I don’t think it quite cancelled out the crisps. (Or the Twix.) No exercise.


McDonalds breakfast before work because we had a bit of spare time. Also, Andy at work said that he fancied chicken burger and chips from the Take Away up the road. I joined in because I hadn’t had one for ages. It was lovely.

I got home and decided that I’d slacked off a bit in my training so needed to go out for a run. I mapped out a route that would be a few laps of the neighbourhood and would be about 3.5 miles in distance. A mile into the route I was knackered (couldn’t think why!) and so cut it down to 1.7 mile. Didn’t feel brilliant.


Walk to work (2 miles.)

Tuna Salad for lunch.

No junk food.

Back on track.