February Recap

In Which I Can’t Believe It’s Already March..!

After January last just under 18 weeks, it’s a shock that February only lasted 12 days. How is it March already?!

My target for Feb was the same as January, 100 miles. The crappy weather made it a much tougher challenge this month and I’m VERY much looking forward to Spring springing it’s way here.

As well as wanting to run 1’000 miles this year, I’m also wanting new PB’s (Personal Bests) for 5km, 10km, half and full marathons, so it was very nice that my first run of February, on the 1st, was a BRAND NEW 5K PB! 22:41 according to my watch! (Previous was 23:00.)

The next day I had a long, steady run planned of 13.1 miles. (Half marathon y’annow) but as it was a steady run, I took it steady. Took 2 hour and 14 minutes and it actually blows my tiny mind that only a few years ago that was my PB, now it’s training pace!

Next few runs were a mixture of 10k’s and some hill work. (Hills make the runner!) Luckily I live near an extinct volcano (Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh) so that’s handy for hill training.


Where does that put me miles-wise… Hang on, I’ll check… 30! 30 Miles by the 7th Feb! Very much on target. Next day was a Saturday, so to ParkRun. With a respectable time of 24:17, I earned a big fat breakfast.

Then a few days later a storm hit, so I didn’t run. And I know what you’re saying to yourself, you’re saying ‘you should run in all weather’ and you’re right, as usual. But this was TORRENTIAL. So, no running.

The next run was also cut short by the weather, it was so windy that I almost ended up in Oz. Then the NEXT run I was battered by more wind and rain, so my targets weren’t getting hit. I was getting hit. By weather.

The miles needed to be done though, so went out later than usual for a long run thinking that I’d get finished before it got dark, and I almost made it! 7 miles run, last one in VERY unsafe conditions…

With five days of February left I was on 73.5 miles. Looking at my work schedule I couldn’t see that I’d be able to reach 100 miles for the month but decided 75 is still impressive. Then decided I’m not sawft so went out and ran 10 miles.

Then the next chance I did a short run, just to get a few more done. This left me with the wonderful task of running 13.5 miles on the last day of February. (Thank chuff it’s a leap year!)

I’d had a few too many beers the night before so wasn’t really feeling my best. Slow and steady though, walk if you need to, just do the distance. It was actually a really nice morning for it, but my hangover didn’t agree.


Ran by Arthur’s Seat (see pic), down the Innocent Railway, through some wooded areas, along the beach in Portobello, then back around the other side of Arthur’s Seat, towards the Meadows and did a couple laps which gave me 13.5 miles and my SECOND MONTH IN A ROW OF 100 MILES RUN!!

Bradford 10k in two weeks times back in my home town.

Can’t believe it’s March already!

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Targets To Reach Before Entering Ironman Lanzarote 2015

In Which I Set My Targets High (And Far)

I’ve had a good think about where I want to be, fitness wise, before I make a chuffing big investment (financially, and fitnessly, not to mention the time it’ll take!)

At the moment it’s 17 months til Ironman Lanzarote 2015 but I’m sure that’ll fly by, and so want to make the most of each training day/week/month.

For the rest of December I’ll be running/biking like I have been, not pushing anything and enjoying Christmas. As soon as January comes around though, so does the dedication and training. (As soon as Jan 2nd comes around anyway. Not starting on new years day with the hangover I plan to have.)

Entry for Ironman Lanzarote 2015 will be around £370.
Holiday to Lanzarote will be about £350, each. (Suppose I’ll take Sarah.)
Then there’s spending money too, so it’s a big cost when it’s all added together, too much to not give it my all in training!

I figure that if I improve my running by about 10% by May 2014, get more time on my bike and get my swimming sorted then I’ll have a decent base to build on for Ironman 2015.

Here’s what I’m aiming for:

5K in under 23 mins. (Best so far 24:19)
10K in under 50 mins. (Best so far 54:54)
1/2 Marathon in under 2 hours. (Best 02:07:54)

Minimum distance per week:
Jan 10mi, Feb 15mi, Mar 20mi, Apr 25mi, May 30mi.

Minimum per week:
Jan 20mi, Feb 30mi, Mar 40mi, Apr 50mi, May 60mi.

One long ride a month (minimum) of:
Jan 10mi, Feb 20mi, Mar 30mi, Apr 40mi, May 50mi.

Learn front crawl.
Go swimming at least one a week.
Be able to swim 160 lengths by May. (Best at the minute is about 8…)

Complete 30 day challenge in Jan.
Complete a short distance tri before May.
Save up the Ironman entry.
Be around 13st. (182lbs.) Currently 14st 2lbs (198lbs)

Then, if I can manage all that, I, Marc Hemingway, get to start a 12 month Ironman Lanzarote training plan. Is that a reward? I’m not so sure…

In Other News:
I have been known, from time to time, to talk in my sleep. Normally Sarah says I was muttering and she couldn’t make out the words, but apparently last night I woke her up around 5am by moving around in my sleep.
I then turned over, and said (loudly, according to her):