Running into Fatherhood

In Which I Get My Own Little Runner Bean

Oh hi there, didn’t see you. Were you hiding under the table? Very odd of you. ANYWAY stop going on about yourself I have news.

I had a baby!

Well, technically Hayley had a baby but he’s half mine and he’s perfect even though he quite often stinks.

He turned up six months ago, so now we have a six month old baby because that’s how time and aging works.

I’ve not had so much time to concentrate on proper training since he turned up (but did York marathon again in October). I managed to run most days in January but then had sickness for the last couple days. Then had a few days in Vegas with my friend Rob and that took a couple weeks to recover from…

Which brings us to March! Been out a few times with the boy in a running buggy that we bought. (Boy in the buggy, me pushing.)

I’ve entered the Edinburgh Kilomathon (13.1km) in April, Edinburgh half marathon in May and of course Yorkshire marathon in October. Decided that this year is gonna be a year of PBs and learning how to Dad.

Can’t wait!


The Feeling That Your Run Is Gonna Go Wrong

Few years back I got given free entry to  Manchester marathon. I didn’t do it, can’t remember why, but figured it’s no big loss as didn’t pay for the entry.

This year: Paid for Manchester marathon. Trained a bit more than I did for Vegas, but still nowhere near enough. Still, looked forward to it, to finally doing it, to get my year of marathons off to a good start.

Early night, early alarm. 

Woke up around 4am. Didn’t feel good.

Woke back up at 4:30am. No good still.

5am. Same.

Stayed awake.

6am and I’m talking to Hayley. Don’t feel good I say. Why? No idea. Just feeling off, bit sick, but mainly a feeling of… I dunno… dread? 

We talk a bit more and she asks I’m feeling. “I feel like if I go run, something will go wrong. Injury, falling, no idea, just… I can’t go.”

That’s fine, I’m told. If you want to go we can go, but if you don’t then we don’t have to. No, I say. Let’s not go. 

Second time in three years I post a DNS for Manchester.

Couple days latearrived email arrived

Fully what happened! 

I have no real end to this blog update, just going with what happened. Next up is Edinburgh marathon at the end of May, and there’s no way I’m doing this again. I’ll be there, I’ll be finishing. Then beer.

Not the most interesting update I know, but there you go! Feeling like a let down but trying to look forward to the next step. We’ve just got back from Scotland, having had plenty of walking and plenty more junk food.

And so! I’ve entered Berlin Marathon at the end of September. One of the six major marathons, and so need to raise money. And book a hotel. And flights… Be right I’m sure.

Needing a kick up my arse!

Train, not Training

In which I get annoyed, and am forced to run

Today I was working in our new shop in the Lowry Centre, in Salford Quays, just outside Manchester. I normally work in Bradford so it was like a little holiday for me.

I got up early, got the train (an hour) followed by a tram, then another tram, then a quick ten minute walk and arrived with minutes to spare.

So far, so good.

After I finished work I did the same journey, but in reverse. A quick ten minute walk followed by a tram, then another tram, then… Hang on… I can’t see my train on the board! It was 18:15 and my train left at 18:21!

I approached a station guard and asked where the train left from.
“Bradford?” I said.
“Bradford?” he said.
“Bradford” I said.
“platform six” he said.
“platform six?” I said
“platform six” he said.

The other side of the station.

I jogged over, plenty of time, and reached platform six. I looked at the board and it didn’t say Bradford, or any town that i could locate on a map. I approached another guard.

“Is this where I get the Bradford train?” I said.
“Bradford train?” he said.
“Bradford train!” I said.
“platform five.” he said
“platform five?!” I said
“platform five.” he said.

18:19. I ran to platform five, no train. I went up to a bloke and said:
“Is this the right platform for the Bradford train?”

18:20. Legged it back to the barriers and saw two more platforms. I approached yet another guard and said “is this where the Bradford train goes from?”
“Yes.” he said! “You just missed it.”

Gutted. “What time’s the next one?” I asked. He told me they were once every hour after six. I asked if there was one at ten to, I was sure there was, and he said “No, after six they’re once an hour, at twenty past.”

Only one thing for it. Station pub. Bought a beer. Sat down and started messing on my phone to make it look like I had friends. The last app I’d been on came up, the National Rail train finder. Decided to double check the times and it came up with 18:48. Even though the guard said 19:20.

I’d like to say the app was wrong and he knew what he was on about, but obviously didn’t because I’m currently sat on the train that left for Bradford at 18:48.

Asked three members of staff a question, all three got it wrong. After posting this, I’m going to copy and paste into an email and send them it. Not this bit though, because I want to put their reply up too. Probably reply to the wrong person.