‘Tis The Season To Be Lazy!

Tra-la-la-la-laaaaa, La-la-la-laaaaaa!

My last run, it turns out, was on the 4th of December. Over two weeks ago. Doesn’t really bode well for my 2013in2013 challenge, if I stay at that consistency! I do have an excuse, however, as we got the keys for our first house on the 7th December and only just moved in on the 17th, what with decorating/cleaning/buying housey things.

Also, we get married in four days (lucky, LUCKY Sarah!) so been quite stressed busy with wedding plans.

The main reasons though, are probably down to the weather and the time of year. Who want’s to go out for a run when Elf is on? (SANTA! OH MY GOD I KNOW HIM, I know him!) Would you rather go for a bike ride or see if Kevin’s parents leave him Home Alone yet again? (Seriously. call the social services.)

I’d much prefer to see the Muppets singing ‘When the cold wind blows right through you / chills you to the bone’ then actually be outside with a cold wind blowing right through me and chilling me to the bone!

I’m a member of a gym near work, but haven’t been for months on end. Turns out there’s a gym near our new house (behind a pub… dangerously tempting…) which opens 7am-9pm weekdays and 8am-8pm weekends so I could get in there on the (exciting) treadmill a few days a week and they also have a swimming pool, so could give that a go.

Also, it’s just under 2 weeks til the 2013in2013 challenge and my friend Duffy (not the singer) has also taken up the challenge, so will have a bit of moral support! If anyone wants to help, please can you click on my amazon blog button thing on the right of the page and leave a review of my blog? You don’t have to sign up to the Kindle blog to review it, but all money raised from it goes to charity towards my £2013 target.

Big BIG thanks to the reviewers that have already reviewed after they viewed.

Happy Christmas!

Cold Running, and a Cold

In which I feel sorry for myself, and get Lost

The past few days, I’ve been ill. I knew it was coming because Andy at work has been ill, and so has Ironman Tony. (The gits.) Only a matter of time before I caught it myself. Luckily, I seem to be over the worst of it.

What’s the best amount of time to wait, after an illness, before going out for another run? I guess it’s all down to how you feel inside. I’ve run home from work a few times in the past week, all uphill, and have been improving steadily. It’s 1.8 miles home, and from start to finish raises just over 325feet. I don’t want to reset all the hard work!

The first time I ran it (I can’t run the whole way without stopping, yet) it took me 20m 12s. Last week I ran it in 19:37. Two days later, 18:32. Over a full minute quicker in two days. A few days later, it was pouring down and cold. I ran it in 20:15. I could feel my ankles straining before I got halfway, and had to walk more than I would’ve liked.

Should I be warming up more in the cold weather, or do I need to wear more clothes? I have a 10k trail run in two weeks (in Brighouse) and want to run it in under an hour, so any cold running or running in the rain advice is more than welcome.

But for the next couple of days in staying in bed and watching Lost.


Post 10k Laziness

I have hardly done anything to help my Great North Run training this week. If fact, I think I’ve sent it backwards a bit. This is what I’ve done (and not done) since last weekend.


My train got me into New Pudsey a little after 6pm on the day of the 10k run. Sarah collected me from the station (bless her) and we went to McDonalds for tea. Had an early night as was tired from the run. Also, my head hurt a bit.


For my dinner I had left over chinese food that was in the fridge. I had the day off and Sarah was at work so I played on my PS3 for most of the day. In the evening I had a couple of beers. No exercise.


Family birthday party so loads of family and friends were round. I drank a bit too much. Also, I ate too much. No exercise.


Bit hungover. Went to the cafe for lunch (had a full english) and a full fat coke. In the afternoon I went to the cinema with Steven to see Batman (brilliant!) and ate a full tray of Nachos. With Salsa. And a large coke. (Coke was seperate, didn’t mean that I dipped my Nachos in or anything.) No exercise.


First day back at work, snacked a bit most of the day on crisps. Had a healthy lunch of steamed veg, but I don’t think it quite cancelled out the crisps. (Or the Twix.) No exercise.


McDonalds breakfast before work because we had a bit of spare time. Also, Andy at work said that he fancied chicken burger and chips from the Take Away up the road. I joined in because I hadn’t had one for ages. It was lovely.

I got home and decided that I’d slacked off a bit in my training so needed to go out for a run. I mapped out a route that would be a few laps of the neighbourhood and would be about 3.5 miles in distance. A mile into the route I was knackered (couldn’t think why!) and so cut it down to 1.7 mile. Didn’t feel brilliant.


Walk to work (2 miles.)

Tuna Salad for lunch.

No junk food.

Back on track.