In Which Everything Is Updated

Hopefully you have closed the page down already, thinking you’re on the wrong blog or anything. It’s still me! Still Marc Hemingway! Still blogging, just looks different! Come back! COME BACK YOU BAS… Oh, there you are. Good.

Yesterday, as I’m sure you’re aware, apple released an update for the iPhone (ios7) and obviously, being the reckless kinda person I am (I had my lunch early today!) I updated ASAP.

Following that, turns out every app has an update to be more ios7 compatible so updated those too.

Then looked at my blog and it’s always been the same layout, so updated this too.

Then some updates were out of date so I updated those too.

Just got through updating my races and stuff, by which time my updated updates were out of date, so updated those too.

Just thought I’d update you.

UPDATE: I’ve just made a Facebook page for my blog and stuff which is over there somewhere ——->

Like it, and I’ll like you.