Top 250 Movies Project

THIS post, is nothing to do with running. Unless The Running Man is on the list. Or Blade Runner. Or Forrest Gump!

I’ve recently started another blog too. (Two blogs?! That’s right! As if I’m not busy enough as it is!)

It’s about me trying to watch the Internet Movie Databases top 250 films, within a year:

(Copied and Pasted the first couple of paragraphs. Too lazy to type it twice. I did press Italics though!)

“I am a HUGE movie fan. I used to sit and watch two or three or sometimes four films in a row without getting bored, or fidgety, or falling asleep. (Unless I’ve been up all night watching films.) I currently own roughly 450 store bought DVD/Blu-Rays, and on the odd occasion have found myself buying the same DVD twice. (Always obscure ones like ‘Highlander 5′, ‘Exit Wounds’, and for some reason, ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.’)

That being said, there’s LOADS of movies I haven’t seen. I bet there’s literally TENS of films, maybe even HUNDREDS out there that’s never been seen by these eyes. (My eyes, the ones in my head.)”

Top 250 Movies Project (Opens in New Window)

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EDIT: Both Blade Runner AND Forrest Gump are there! Running Man isn’t. Travesty.

EDIT: Neither is Marathon Man.