10k Run Tomorrow!

This is a map of the course, as stolen borrowed from the Bupa website. Doesn’t look too bad like that, does it? Nice and steady course, with a handy shower and water station on route, looks lovely! Of course, I know slightly different. I know that the furthest I’ve run so far is 3 miles, and that I’ve tried twice (and failed twice) to do hill runs. The Great North 10k is more than twice my best distance (6.2miles!) and ends with a hill. On the plus side, it also ends with a lap of Gateshead stadium so I might feel like an actual athlete!

My biggest worry is getting a stitch or tripping up (and causing loads of others to domino over me) somewhere along the route. I’ll be fine though, probably just worried because I’ve never entered a race before, have only been running six weeks, can’t run the whole distance and have more than likely forgotten something. I’ll be fine…

Actually, the BIGGEST worry is being exposed as a non-runner. I can see us all lining up at the start, waiting for starters pistol/klaxon or whatever it is, and for someone to shout and point at me. ‘He’s not an actual runner! He’s only been running six weeks and can’t even do the full distance!’ Then everyone will look at me, and laugh, and I’ll have to own up to being new and unready, and someone will throw a tomato like in the films, then I’ll skulk off with egg on my face. (Egg and tomato. Chuck me a sausage and a bit of bacon and I’ve got a breakfast!)

Nah, I know that there’s more than likely others there that are even less prepared than I am and that are just doing it for fun, or for charity, or for both. I’m just seeing it as a kind of warm up the the Great North Run in Sept, a chance to get used to a bit of distance and running in a crowd.

Straight after work I’m on a train to Leeds, then one to Newcastle to stay over at Martyns house so we’re ready for the run in the morning. Chicken and Pasta for tea (to ‘Carb up’) and then Porridge for breakfast. Best stop off somewhere for some Powerade or something too, to keep up energized… It doesn’t start til 10:30 so plenty of time! My group sets off about 10:48 (Pink Group, last Wave) which means I might be one if the last over the line. If I am, I don’t care, just so long as I get over the line! Then I’ll have a few hours rest, before doing the return train journey with a finishers T-Shirt and my first ever medal. I hope it’s not too uncomfortable sleeping in it… (The medal, not the T-Shirt)

If you see either of these, there’s a good chance that it’s me. (Especially the one that has my name and number on.) So please be kind as you race past, and try not to kick up too much dust.

Good luck to everyone involved!