If I spent as much time running as I do looking into upcoming races, I’d be a much better runner. Also, if everytime I missed a run for what ever reason, I’d actually gone and done a run, I’d be a much better runner. As it is, I’m happy with my progress but sometimes just need a little push (shove) to get motivated.

Still having trouble with Sports Tracker, this time it stopped tracking altogether when I was half way round my circuit which put me off completely. Deleted it and re-installed so hopefully that’ll sort it out. All my info has come back on, so looking good! Shame it’s a rest day.

Entered my second ever 10k run next weekend in Warrington (Birchwood) so aiming to get out on the road every other day this week, and have a couple of days off before the run. Seemed to work quite well for the Great North 10k the other week! Thinking of 4 miles tomorrow, 4 or 5 Tuesday, 3 Thursday then the 10k on Sunday. Plus now I have snazzy new running gear so I’ll look the part. (Or a prat.)

Apart from that quite a steady week this week. Been out three times since (and including) Sunday and feeling good. When I started this running nonsense my legs would kill the next day (sometimes next two days!) and that was after running a mile or so. Now I’m out for 3 miles and no pain the next day. Yesterday was quite a tough 3 miles though, because of the weather. Not used to seeing the sun up there, and it was VERY hot when I was going round. Plus I didn’t take anything to drink. (Idiot.) Must’ve looked a proper sweaty mess!

About halfway with my sponsorship now, and still to beg most of family and friends which means that I’ll get to my target and maybe a bit more. Feel free to join in!

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