Amazon Reviews Please!

Amazon! (Website, not the river. Or race of warrior women.)

My blog is now available on Kindle through Amazon’s Kindle Blog downloader thing! (Sorry for getting all technical there.)

The link to it is here (U.K): Kindle Blog

The link to it is here (U.S): Kindle Blog

Apparently when you subscribe it downloads each new blog entry as soon as I post one. (Guessing you need to be in Wi-Fi range)

The blog costs £0.99 a month to subscribe, and I’m sure you’re asking ‘Why would I pay for something I get here for free, even though it is exceptionally humorous and enlightening?’ The answer is: I don’t really know. Maybe so you can read it over and over on the bus? Or show it to your friends?

Probably not. No, the real reason is that the money raised from the Kindle downloads will be put towards my 2013 In 2013 target of £2013. So you’ll be doing good! Not entirely sure how much of the £0.99 comes my way though, so you might want to tell everyone you know to subscribe too.

Anyway, the main point of this update is this: I need reviews to get a good rating on Amazon for my blog! You don’t even need to subscribe to it, just click the link and click ‘Add a Review’ then tell the world what you think of me! (Wait, don’t do that, just make up some nice stuff.) If you want to try the Kindle Blog, you can subscribe for 14 days for free. Thanks!!

2013 In 2013 Update

Well, it’s official. 2013 In 2013 is set. I got an email back from a bloke called Craig at the One In A Million Charity saying thank you for choosing to raise money for them, and asking me to go in and see them to talk about it. No backing down now!

No doubt I’ll be blogging a lot more than I do now once it’s all under way, complaining about the distances and asking why no one tried to talk me out of it…