Below are my times and distances for my training for the Great North Run. To start, I couldn’t manage much at all, but seem to be improving with each run. I’m impressed with how quickly you can improve distance and length of runs.

All my stats below are take from a free app on my iPhone called Sports Tracker. It’s available on Android too, I believe. It keeps track of your times, distance and speed, plus puts all the data onto a map and a graph for you to study afterwards. Handy for keeping track of friends progress too. Feel free to add me: Marc Hemingway

See it here:

DATE            DISTANCE                TIME                AVERAGE MILE
01/06/12          1.13miles                     00:12:30               00:11:03
First run, mixture of running + walking. (Probably about 50/50)

13/06/12           1.14miles                     00:11:24              00:10:02
Ran further before having to walk this time, did half a mile before walking for a bit, then ran again.

15/06/12            1.13miles                    00:10:37               00:09:26
1st run with Ironman Tony, ran all the way to the halfway point, and all the way back. Only stopped at the crossing.

19/06/12             1.18miles                   00:12:28               00:10:32
Tried a different route, but got a stitch halfway round. Walked it off, then ran the rest.

20/06/12             1.12miles                   00:11:19               00:10:06
Pretty much confident with this distance now, so on the next run I’m going to go further.

22/06/12              1.69miles                   00:17:01               00:10:04
First run with my ‘proper’ running shoes. Ran almost 50% further, but still kept the same pace so VERY pleased with myself!

27/06/12              1.86miles                   00:18:17                00:09:49
Working long hours this week as we’re opening a new store in Salford, so been too tired to get out running. Poor excuse! Went out for a longer circuit with Ironman Tony and ran the whole way, plus did it with my 2nd best average pace. Maybe five days off running is the key?!

01/07/12             2.1miles                    00:25:37                  00:12:12
Second attempt at running home from work, which is all uphill. See blog entry ‘Run Home From Work Nightmare’ for details!

02/07/12             2.2miles                    00:21:25                  00:09:49
Furthest distance yet, again running with Ironman Tony. Also, keeping the same pace as our last run so that’s good! Felt this one, aching legs felt like they were on fire!

07/07/12             2.0miles                    00:18:08                 00:09:06
Went a different route, all flat there and back. Listened to ‘Hey Stoopid’ by Alice Cooper. My quickest average mile by quite a bit, so very happy about that. Also, legs didn’t hurt too much afterwards so hopefully building up my muscles.

09/07/12              2.7miles                   00:24:46                 00:09:08
Furthest run yet, training with an Ironman seems to help! Absolutely worn out by the time I got through the door, but ran all the way so pleased with how it went.

10/07/12              1.36miles                  00:09:58                 00:07:20
Quickest average mile yet, but even better than that, I hit the mile marker in 6 minutes 41 seconds!! My legs are feeling it now!

11/07/12               2.14miles                  00:20:29                 00:09:33
I’d marked off a three mile route, but had to walk the last mile so stopped Sports Tracker when I stopped running. Bit disappointing, but it’s only 10 days ago that I ran this distance for the first time ever.

14/07/12               3.0miles                    00:28:19                  00:09:26
Determined to do a 3 mile run today, no matter what. Planned it out on and managed it in under 30mins. If I could keep that pace for twice as long, I’d have the 10k done in under an hour!

22/07/12               6.48miles                01:09:19                   00:10:42
Great North 10k. These stats are from Sports Tracker, so slightly differs to official ones.

27/07/12               1.7miles                   00:15:50                  00:09:30
First run since the Great North 10k and it killed me. Unhealthy week with no training, just myself to blame.

29/07/12               1.8miles                    00:18:00                  00:10:00
Not as quick as the run before, but felt a lot better at doing it!

04/08/12                3.0miles                   00:27:58                  00:09:20
Matched my furthest non-stop distance, and did it slightly quicker too. (23 seconds, but still quicker!)

Hmmmm…. I seem to have stopped updating this page! Did the Birchwood 10k and Great Yorkshire Run 10k in the past few weeks. I don’t know if it’s needed to keep updating this one, at least it shows my start to 5k! I’m all confused now!


21 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Maybe you could do periodic 10k test runs and use that as a measuring stick. Maybe one every three months or so. That way it wouldn’t be too much work, but still measure progress.

  2. Great blog. Very funny too (and inspiring). I’m a newbie runner…its painful but I’m progressing

  3. Good on you, for committing and persevering! Good luck on, Sunday!

  4. I log my runs using a separate twitter account, as I can update it very quickly, and I suppose embed it on my blog when I get around to it. I’m wary of taking my phone with me, that’s just asking for trouble, so it’s old fashioned stopwatch for me. I’m impressed by how quickly you increased your distances!

  5. Much respect on your logging of runs.
    Stay healthy, and happy running!

  6. I am in awe not just of your increasingly impressive runs but of the log, what a great idea! Look forward to following you from hereon. I should run more… I did half marathons while I was a teenager and apparently a lot more fit than I am now. Ran a half earlier this year and just about died.

    A tracker is a great idea, I use Nike Plus but they changed their site recently and got so confusing, eee.

  7. Awesome.
    Excellent work and I hope to see it continue. Your training log looks a lot like mine did a couple of years ago when, as a 30-something graduate student, I decided that I was going to become a runner. I kept it up steadily for some time and even completed a marathon and half-ironman after about three years of training.
    Since then I’ve been less steady with my training, but I still enjoy being in shape and getting out to compete whenever possible.
    Best to you and keep it up – I’m watching!

  8. A friend had suggested I also keep track of weather conditions (precipitation, temperature) in my race day notes. An informative stat tidbit if you don’t keep it already. Keep up the progress! Running becomes an addicting habit! 🙂

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