In Which I Get Back On Track (Not A Running Track, But Back On Track Running)

It’s been a fair few weeks since I didn’t start at Ironman UK and it took me a week or so to get my head sorted out and to get over the disappointment. York marathon is on the horizon however, so I can’t be too lazy.

I’ve not touched my bike or a swimming pool (my wet suit is still to get wet) and instead have been concentrating on running. I didn’t do much for the rest of July, but am over 50 miles so far for August. Aiming to finish on around 70-75, then to hit 100 in September, then try get under 4 hours for York marathon. Hence, #ProjectSub4 !!

My times over the last few years are:

2013: 4:48

2014: 4:27

2015: ……3:59? 

Last week I had a steady 10 mile run planned after a 12 hour shift at work. I set off from work and ran towards Shipley with my Nike+ app on loud. When I got to 3 miles it said it’d run it in 24:59… Bit quicker than I normally go!

Then a little voice popped into my head saying ‘ooo, hurry it up a bit and you could get a new 10k PB..!’

Stupid voice, making me work hard.

But, I listened. And I ran quicker. And I hurt and sweat and wanted to stop, but I didn’t. And I did this: 

A brand new personal best and MY FIRST EVER SUB 50 10k!!!

My mile splits perfectly negative, each mile quicker than the last:

  1. 8:28
  2. 8:17
  3. 8:14
  4. 7:55
  5. 7:42
  6. 7:09

No idea where that last one came from! Need to get a decent long run in this week of around 10-12 miles or so and keep working towards a sub 4 hour marathon and get back into regular blogging.

Hope you’ve not missed me too much..!

12 thoughts on “#ProjectSub4

  1. Well done with the PB. And good luck with York. I’m doing Chester the weekend before 🙂

  2. Well done! Oddly I was wondering about you (and several other running bloggers) as I toiled up a steep Spanish hillside last week.

  3. keep it up and bummer about your IM. can not wait to see how you do in London

  4. Course we missed you! Sounds like the rest did you good. Congrats on the PB!

  5. ps, with a 10k like that sub 4 is WELL within your reach

  6. Awesome run and glad you have got your motivation back after Bolton. My running has got depressingly slow since Ironman training and even after finishing Ironman Sweden a few weeks ago I can’t find the motivation to get up and run. Sitting on the sofa eating cake is just too strong a pull so well done for being able to get out there so soon and give it your all!

  7. Congrats on your success after the disappointment of IM. It’s great that you have another goal to strive for and it seems you’re on your way to achieving that sub 4!

  8. Oh I dream of a sub 60 10k. Congratulations

  9. Nice job man, that split is incredible!

  10. Great time, sub 50 is awesome.

  11. That’s odd! I was just wondering yesterday how you were getting on. And then you suddenly appear! Great run, and best of luck with the marathon. Sub-four is a goal for many of us; sounds like you’re on track.

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