Two Years On

In Which I Compare Stats And Stuff

Last week was the Great North Run (I didn’t do it. See my Great North Run post from two years ago for reasons why.) That means it’s two years since I ran the Great North Run (but I kinda just said that) and that was my first ever 1/2 marathon. It took me 2h 38mins.

A few days before the run (last weeks, not two years ago. Keep up) I decided to go out and run a half marathon around where I live. (Around the area where I live, not laps of my house or anything. That’d make me chuffing dizzy and the neighbours would prolly get annoyed, as we live in a semi-detached.)

I mapped out (what I thought was) a loop of 10k (6.2miles) figuring I’d do it twice and then just add a bit on at the end.

I set off from home, up the hill to the roundabout (thanks to all the Americans that gave me roundabout info a post or two back) and then ran towards Eccleshill where I turned left down Harrogate road and had a nice long downhill stretch before turning left onto Leeds rd and then started the uphill section of around 3.5km.

I had a gel around 7km to keep my energy up and felt good as I ended the first loop. Didn’t feel as good when I saw it measured 9km, not 10. Ah well.

Carried on, did the same lap again but a bit slower and with heavier legs. Had another gel at 14km. Uphill bit, got to the top of my road where I’d planned to just have a kilometre left to run but it turned out I had 3. Stupid map measuring app…

Ah well, carry on and get it done. Which I did.

New half marathon (13.1miles, 21km) PB and the first time I’d ever gotten under 2 hours:


An improvement of 41 mins in two years. Chuffing chuffed with that!!

In Other Similar News

4 weeks tomorrow until York Marathon and this arrived:


Unfortunately so did a pain in my shoulder and neck, feels like I’ve pulled a muscle while sleeping. Not run in a few days because of it, so it needs to hurry up and chuffing piss off!

Good luck to everyone at Ironman Wales tomorrow! Remember: Don’t Be Shit!

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22 thoughts on “Two Years On

  1. Well done on the half marathon time – under 2 hours!

  2. congrats on that PB and good luck on the rest of your races

  3. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog…You’re accomplishments are inspiring! Keep up the great work!

  4. Congrats again on the HM PB!

    That’s some solid advice for the people at Ironman Wales! Ha!

  5. Congratulations on the PR! Keep up your training and you will be ready for that Tri! (and your marathon…)

  6. Well done with that crazy PR! 41 minutes is incredible. And I’m so jealous that you’re running the York Marathon! It looks like a lovely race, definitely on my bucket list. Hope the shoulder/neck issue goes away quickly!

  7. Congrats on the pr! I’m unable to run for.a month for a stress fracture and it’s driving me crazy!

  8. My goodness! That’s a PB of epic proportions! Awesome!

  9. That’s great timing and improvement.

  10. Awesome! I cut 18 mins off my half marathon time after a year and next time I’m hoping to cut another 6 off to get under 2 hours. 41 mins is super impressive!

  11. Chuffing awesome eh!

  12. Congratulations! I’ll be comparing my one year since my first half marathon in a few weeks in Cape Cod – hope I have similar success!

  13. Well done! A massive improvement. As for the shoulder/neck pain – a trip to the physio?

  14. Brother, probably not a good idea to publish your baggage ticket number and bib number… People print them and use them to pirate the race – and steal your stuff if you’ve left any.

  15. Great timing! Maybe see an Osteopath about your shoulder. They work mini miracles!

  16. Respectable time sir!

  17. How fantastic to knock 40 minutes off your half marathon!

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