Ironman Training Week 2 (of 52…)

In Which I Keep At It
Week two done with already! Where’s the time going? 1/26th of the way finished!

Cycled to work, then cycled further home. Uneventful.

I didn’t start work until 10 so used the late start as a chance to get an early run done. Set off from work at 8 (just as the rain started, the bugger) and ran into Shipley then into Bradford. (Which is where I work. Which is why I went there.)

It measured just under 6 miles so ran up and down in front of work for a bit to get my tracker to click onto 6 miles. (To the amusement of Sean who I work with, and who was standing out front on his break. Think his actual words were ‘you look like a bit of a twat.’)

Handily, in our staff room at work we have a shower. (Not IN the staff room, in a separate room next to the staff room.) Unhandily, there was no hot water. I mentioned it to the maintenance bloke later on (after a cold shower) and he told me about the pull cord right next to the shower that turns on the hot water. Didn’t feel stupid at all.

Rest Day! Yay!

Day off from work so went out for a steady 10km (6.2mile) run. I ran quite well and was happy to keep a 9min/mile pace and finished in 55:55! That even included hills!

Worked 12 hours (6 til 6) then ran 10km home. Quite tired and a bit achy, but managed to do it in 01:02:00. It’s only just over a year ago that that was my PB, so to be able to do it after 12 hours on my feet and having done a 10k the day before isn’t too bad!

Used today for brick day. (Cycle followed straight away by a run.) Worked 12 hours again (what the hell, work?!) so really didn’t fancy the run bit. (Or the bike bit either.) Rode 6 miles then ran just under 2. Tiredly.

Day off again, and the training plan called for 1 1/2 hours on the bike. Rode down to the canal then decided to aim towards Leeds for 40mins, turn around and ride back. (Knowing that I’d be slower on the way back as last 2 miles are uphill.)

It was a nice sunny afternoon so plenty of people on the canal path, most of which were too chuffing ignorant to move out of the way. When I started riding through the puddles they moved though!


After I reached 40 mins I stopped for a drink of my water. Swallowed it wrong so just as a family rode by I choked a bit and spat water everywhere, felt a bit daft so started riding home.

Bit further along was a group of lads with a puncture who looked like they had given up so I stopped and asked if they were ok. They told me the inner tube was shredded so I did the nice thing and gave them my spare inner tube. Wasn’t til I started riding again that I realised I was about 8 miles from home with no spare inner tube so decided to be more careful around the stones. Got home safe!

Ironman Training Week 2
Swam: 0 miles
Cycled: 33 miles
Ran: 20 miles
Total time: 6h 07m 43s


26 thoughts on “Ironman Training Week 2 (of 52…)

  1. At first I thought you had distractingly freckly legs, but then I read about the mud. I have 27km of this stuff to look forward to tomorrow. 😦 wish me luck!

  2. Awesome – an ironman is on my bucket list… Can’t wait to read how the rest of your training goes!!

  3. Your friend doesn’t run? I’d run up and down the street for a even number! 🙂

  4. Holy cow… Busy!! Good for you!! 🙂

  5. You are brave to part with your only inner tube with 8 miles on a canal path left to do. Well done though!!!

  6. great job!! but no swim for the week? unless you are focusing on something I didn’t know of

  7. You make me want to try this too!
    Cold showers encourage metabolic efficiency and far burning!

  8. Just keep it going, you can do this!

  9. Well done! You are kinder than I am – I would not have offered an inner tube on a canal path, great for riding along but hard on the tyres.

  10. You’re very kind giving away your spare inner tube.

    I must admit it annoys me when people seem to purposefully use all the pavement etc and don’t move over. Just cause you’re running or cycling.

  11. Good job! And nice of you to give them your inner tube 🙂

  12. Haha that shower thing sounds like something I’d do!! Well done, I’m admiring the motivation! Keep it up!

  13. Haha the shower thing sounds like something I’d do!! Well done, I’m admiring the motivation! Keep it up!

  14. Sounds like you’re off to a great start.

  15. Excited to follow your journey – considering my own adventure in to the Ironman world soon!

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