Ironman Training Week 1 (of 52…)

In Which I Proper Start My Training
After a lovely week in lanzarote, and a lovely few days off afterwards, I got my training plan for Ironman Lanzarote 2015 organised. And when I say ‘my training plan’, I mean I copied one from a book.


That book.

In the book, as well as telling you all about time management, strength training, mental training and healthy eating, it gives you three different training plans depending on whether you want to finish strong, finish good, or just finish. Each plan is split into three 10 week schedules, base, build and peak.

All the plans are based on time, not distance, so it’s easy to plan around work.

I have exactly 52 weeks until Ironman Lanzarote, and as it happens 21 weeks until York Marathon.

That means I can follow the toughest plan for the 10 week base, then 10 week build stages, have a week taper for Yorkshire Marathon followed by a week recovery, then follow a full 30 week plan.

If I’ve coped ok with the tougher training schedule I’ll start that again from the beginning, but if I found it tough I’ll drop down to the intermediate program.

I’ve finished the first week though, and so far so good!


My first week was set as follows (with what I actually did in brackets):

Monday – 30min run. (34min)
Tuesday – 1hr bike. (1h 4min)
Wednesday – 30min bike. (19min to work + 30min home)
Thursday – 30min run. (32min)
Friday – Rest (Rested)
Saturday – 30min bike, 15min run (17min ride to work, 27min ride home then 15min run)
Sunday – 45min run (45min run)

Total distance of 40 miles (13 run, 27 cycled.)

But! I hear you cry, But! What about swimming?!

Ah swimming! Not started training that yet, next week should be starting proper triathlon swimming lessons. So there!

Of course it’s only fair that I direct you to where you can buy your very own copy of Be Iron Fit by Don Fink and that’s here: Be Iron Fit

In Other News
Started healthy eating (haven’t had any alcohol in over a week, cut down on bread and so far lost 3lbs in my first week!) Noticed this on Ainsley Harriott couscous.


Calm down Ainsley mate.

47 thoughts on “Ironman Training Week 1 (of 52…)

  1. Woohoo!!! Good luck on IM training! how exciting!

  2. Hey, thanks for the Like on my latest Post! We’re actually doing a group training plan for an Olympic Distance Tri here in Australia, so leg me know if you want any hints or tips!

  3. Good Luck Marc! We are in the same boat – training for an IM in 2015. We will be watching and rooting for you!

  4. Well done in sticking exactly to plan on Friday!

  5. Looking forward to reading about your training.

  6. I’m so excited to read about your upcoming training! I love the Ironman (watching it that is) and it’s so cool that you’re doing it! Good luck!

  7. Good luck; I hope staying on top of training right until your taper 🙂

  8. That means we’re using the same schedule! Good luck with it, I’m currently in week 26 of 30 and its absolutely grueling, everything hurts and 20 hours of training takes a big chunck ou of your week! Luckiky I know it will be all worth it :’) succes!

    • Uff, how have you found it?

      • The program itself is demanding and, at times, it was to much for me. I found that my body couldn’t adapt as rapidly to the stress as the program wanted me too.

        Personally I found that you shouldn’t do The Competitive Program if you can squeeze in the hours but that you should do it if you:
        A) Have done triathlons before
        B) Have an endurance base and your body is used to moderate/high volume excercise.
        Since I reckon you have run consistenly for 2 years, you are probably in the B-category (for you to judge ofcourse :))

        With the plan you display here (first base and build then the York Marathon and then switch to the Intermediate program if necessary) I think you have a pretty solid plan that leaves almost no margin for error.
        Keep in mind that if you’re already having trouble handling the Base & Build Phase of the program that the Peak Phase is probably going to be to much. I had a first hand experience with this and had to adjust the program. (No intervals for example)

        Ground-rule would be to ALWAYS listen to your body, Ironman training is hard and puts a lot of stress on your body. Take additional restdays if you need to, It’s better to get to the finish line 80% fit and injury free then 100% fit but with a painful knee 🙂

        It will be the best experience of your live. A good program chose really contributes to that 🙂

  9. Good luck with the training … Other (cheaper) couscous is available.

  10. Good luck with the IM training. I am sure it will all be worth it!

  11. That’s awesome! Good luck with your training

  12. Phew! Good luck!!

  13. I hope he grants himself permission to use his face when he goes out in public.

  14. Hey Good job! I know you have your watch, but I started using an app called Strava. You can track your runs, bike, etc. And see routes others have done near you and compare your times, etc. It syncs with different gadgets too. Anyhow, thought I’d mention it as it seems geared towards tri’s. If you decide to check it out add me…

    You’ll kick ass. No worries.

  15. I freaking love that book! It got me through IM CDA in 11:07 last year, and this year I’m using it to prepare for Tahoe. I also recommend using “Going Long.”

  16. I would really recommend signing up with a coach or going virtual through something like training peaks. I am doing a 70.3 in two weeks and plan on IM distance in 2015 (like you) and I train with a group of people doing either 70.3 or 140.6 distance races. Those without the support of a coach or a group are at a severe disadvantage. The average hours a week in the build and peaking phases of a 140.6 distance race is 15-17 hours a week. Doing that without the support of a group is a super lonely road. I know this from experience and I am 12-15 hours a week!

    • I’ve got my father in law who’s done 4 now, but I work shifts so it’s hard enough getting the training in let alone getting a group together! I’ll use my blog as a virtual club 🙂

  17. Marc, you are crazy, mate. Serious respect!

  18. good luck with the training. You have a nice time to build up a good base. I was surprised at some of my super fit pals who did a 70.3 this weekend and had some less than expected results. Someday I hope to 70.3, but this year it’s all running.

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