March-ing On! (March, get it?!)

In Which I Get Faster, But Shouted At

Last Sunday I couldn’t really be bothered going out running, but had a word with myself and got up and went.

I’d planned out a roughly-1/2-marathon route a few days before, so grabbed my iPod, gels and drink and set off.

Worked my way along the pavements of eccleshill and idle, then worked my way down towards the canal which was around the 4 mile mark. It had rained a bit through the night and it killed me seeing the mud splashing on my Brooks. 😦

Plenty busy down there though (down on the canal, not down on my feet) saw loads of runners and cyclists, all happy to be out and about.

Reached the turn around point at shipley (roughly 8mile) and set off back again to the start of the canal. Felt quite good all the way and got there (about 12 mile) with a mixture of running/walking. Looked at my tracker and it said 11.


Sucked it up then carried on for the last couple miles.

Before that run my quickest 13.1miles was 02:07. My new quickest 13.1miles is 02:01! So close to getting under 2 hours! Maybe next time.


After work this week I decided to cycle the longer way home which works out around 7 miles, but is a bit flatter so can get some speed up.

I’d reached some traffic lights at a funny shaped junction and got in the left hand lane, for going straight ahead (or turning left, I guess.)

To go straight ahead where I wanted to head, you have to turn left a bit first then turn back to the right because it’s a stupidly shaped junction, plus then there’s a crossing island in the middle. Rush hour traffic, plus darkness and on a bike meant I took the turn slowly and steadily.

Shocked then, was I, when a car tried overtaking me on the right, right before the traffic island and he started shouting at me!


I was shocked at how close he’d gotten and that I was being told off so forgot to swear. Instead, I shouted “YOU WHAT?” (Brilliant comeback, me.)

I must’ve looked right angry because he looked shocked, wound his window up and sped off.

Luckily for him, it was then uphill. Otherwise I’d’ve rode him down like the Demon Bike Rider.

I was proper annoyed at him and to prove to myself that I had every reason to be annoyed, I went on Google earth. (That well known stress reliever.)

Didn’t know the name of the road, so traced my journey back to see if I could find the junction.

Found it, then zoomed in to see if there were any road markings visible to prove me right, and (due to the wonder of modern technology) there were, and I could make them out quite clearly.

So to that bloke in the car, the one who shouted at me when he said I was in the wrong lane, I say this:

“I was in the wrong lane. Sorry about that.”

40 thoughts on “March-ing On! (March, get it?!)

  1. Wow …. the sub 2 hour is close … I can feel you thinking … alllmossttt! (By the way, I find that absolutely amazing to run that far that fast.)

    And … heh on the wrong lane thing.

  2. Isn’t it a great feeling to break your own records? Today I came home having run more at a stretch than I had since high school (no where near you, but I just started in January, so…). What gets me out and running is the marvelous, “Zombies, Run!” app. All these great tools and toys have changed the way I feel about getting out for a jog. I used to think it was boring but now I actually look forward to it every day. Looking forward to getting beyond the 5K! I’ll be watching you for inspiration πŸ™‚

    • Good job! I’ve heard good things about the zombie app, do you feel like you’re on Walking Dead?

      • Haha! Yes, absolutely. It gets me through the breaks between episodes and running is never boring when the undead are on your tail! You know it’s a game, but apparently I run faster when the zombies start growling. The stats don’t lie! πŸ™‚

  3. Sub 2 hour half marathon is on the way.

    Just be careful on those roads mate. πŸ˜‰

  4. Ha! Never done that myself! πŸ˜‰

  5. Totally wasn’t expecting the last line …. thanks for the smile. Congrats on the PB. They feel soooo satisfying!

  6. That last line had me laughing. I’m sure you’ll be well under two hours at your next half marathon.

  7. I should be congratulating you on your PB but I’m still chuckling over the last line. Thanks for that!!

  8. Nice, congrats on your PB!

  9. Sub 2:00 is in sight. Keep pushing and the record will fall!

  10. Excellent!!! And I have no doubt whatsoever that you’ll be breaking the 2-hour mark very soon!!! Well done!!!

  11. I read this in a yorkshire accent in my head. Hope the under 2 hour mark isnt too far off

  12. Nice run time!! As for the roundabouts. I hate driving around them. So biking around one I would probably cry!

  13. glad your bike situation didn’t cause any further issues. We have a person who likes to put out tacks painted black in the middle of a popular running route. sure wish we could figure out who they are.

  14. well done on the new PB. I am sure you will crack the 2 hour barrier soon

  15. If you can run 2:01 in those sort of circumstances in training, if you really put your mind to it you can shave off that minute and probably quite a bit more too.

  16. I’ve missed your posts! I wish (as I’m sure you do too) that you had more time for writing!
    You’ve come a long way! And a long way to go on your journey to Lanzarote. Enjoy every footstep of it!
    Can’t wait to read more.

  17. This was very funny! And keep up the great progress. πŸ™‚

  18. Ha ha ha! That’s brilliant! Roundabouts are the worst for me when I’m driving – always end up waving and smiling a sheepish ‘sorry’ as I change lane at the last minute.
    But more importantly, congrats on the new PB! Great work! πŸ™‚

  19. Great job on your half marathon!! I’m sure you’re thrilled!! Way to go!!

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