Marathon Looming… (As in getting nearer, not making rugs or anything…)

In Which I Zip Up My Man Suit

It turns out that the marathon is closer than I thought. It’s been slowly creeping up on me like a slowly, creepy, marathony bastard.

I thought I had about 9 weeks until the York Marathon on 20th October, but I don’t. It’s eight weeks on Sunday.

Adding in a week for tapering, that gives me seven weeks left of training.

Bearing in mind I haven’t been following my training plan that I was supposed to be following, I decided I needed to sort out my training and up my game.

Looking at my averages for each week, I’m nowhere near doing the distances I should be. I was talking to someone on Twitter and they said to aim for 50 miles a week! I’m lucky if I do 15!

Barney – Marathon Advice

THAT is why I’m zipping up my man suit and getting it sorted. Instead of running home from work twice a week (3.5miles each time) or cycling to work and back twice a week (3.5mile each way, same distance as running. Why wouldn’t it be? Weirdo) I’m setting myself TARGETS.

I tried following a training plan through MyAsics and while it gave me a good idea of what to aim for each week, I didn’t stick to it. I work different days and shifts each week so it can be hard to follow a plan that says ‘do this on this day and that on that day’. It lets you move run days around but only so much. That’s why I’ve decided to plan out my running schedule on a week to week basis.

“But Marc!” You scream (because you aren’t anywhere near me) “How will you stick to it?”

“Ha!” I loudly laugh, spinning as I do so as I don’t know in which direction you are, “I already AM sticking to it!”

I’ve changed my bike route to work so instead of 3.5miles it’s now 5miles. I’ve changed the cycle home to 10miles instead of 3.5miles.

Instead of running home twice a week (7miles total) I’m now running TO work and back once a week (7miles) , and then running home a 10k route on the other day. (6.2 miles, so a total of 13.2miles instead of 7.)

I’m also upping my millage one a day off too to get in a long run. Before I was doing 3-5mile runs (I once did an 8) where as now I’ll be doing at least 10mile runs once a week, upping the distance a bit each week towards the marathon.

Before – Average Run Miles a Week: 12-15, Average Bike Miles a Week: 14. Total = 26-29

Last Week – Average Run Miles: 25, Average Bike Miles: 32. Total = 57. DOUBLE what I’d normally do.

That’s without a longer run or a long bike ride. And you know what? I feel a LOT better for it. I’m still getting in a rest day or two each week and don’t feel burnt out or anything. I can feel the difference in my legs already.

After all, October 20th will arrive whether I’ve trained properly or not. I’ll finish the marathon, whether I’ve trained properly or not. The only differences that training will achieve are:

1. It’ll hurt a lot less than last time.

2. I’ll get round the course a lot quicker than last time.

That’s more than enough motivation for me.


48 thoughts on “Marathon Looming… (As in getting nearer, not making rugs or anything…)

  1. I feel your pain…prior to training it feels like the Marathon is so far away then before you know it its right around the corner. Following a plan can really psyc anyone out…because life happens and its not always easy to follow a plan exactly. I like your attitude and you are right…regardless of what you’ve done the marathon will come and you will complete it either faster or slower or whatever! Thanks for stopping in at my yours!!!

  2. Those 50 miles weeks seem daunting, but if you ramp up slowly they’re not actually that bad. Good luck. Forget the race and enjoy the taper and carbo-load!

  3. “It’s been slowly creeping up on me like a slowly, creepy, marathony bastard.”
    Amazing how they do that, isn’t it?

  4. your post made me crack up once or twice (maybe a few additional times) : ) Hope the training ramps up the way you want it! Godspeed!

  5. 8 weeks is plenty of time to train up. You might want to plan for increasing your distance a little each week by changing up your routes. Do you do a long slow run each week? I think it helps. Good luck with the new training plan.

  6. Go Hemingway, Go!

  7. Good luck! We had a physiotherapist, podiatrist, nutritionist and a sports psych come to my running group yesterday. I posted some of their advice. Good luck!

  8. Only 8 weeks left… Shiiiiit! Scary stuff. Love the new training approach- good luck!

  9. I keep telling myself all my training is going to be worth it so my second half will be easier than the first. It will be, right? πŸ˜‰

  10. Unless you’re a Kenyan or get sponsored to run like Paula Radcliffe, 50 miles is nuts for a mere mortal. 25-30 will do it, 15 will as well, but expect some serious pain and some walking!
    But, a marathon is just a name for a distance. Completion is the key, time is not! It’s more important to arrive at the marathon fit, healthy and in good spirits over broken, sick and nervous because you just smashed yourself silly on the pavement for the last 6 weeks. Train smarter, not harder!
    And if you can, find time to make a marathon rug. That would be awesome!

  11. Good job dude!!! 26.2 miles is damn respectable!

  12. Love it, glad to see I’m not the only one behind in my training plan! I’m doing a half in 3 weeks, and last week I sprained my ankle. So, at this point I’ll be lucky if I do it at all, but nonetheless, I’m not alone in the unpreparedness crowd! Good luck, rock it out!

  13. I used to hit those 50 mile weeks and would wind up running the marathon injured. 15 ain’t gonna do it, you gotta put in the miles, but it’s better to run healthy than run injured.

  14. Crap! October 20th is only 8 weeks away? That means my October 6th marathon is only 6 weeks away! Well good luck with your training, seems I need to up my game as well.

  15. My 1st marathon is October 5…ah! I’m not sure I’m ready. I’ve accepted I will be walking and that I will finish…the question is, will I finish before or after they take down the finish line? IDK. We’ll find out.
    Good luck!!

  16. Good luck! I don’t think that anyone ever sticks to their marathon training plans. If they say that they do, they are lying.

  17. I love your humor! Good luck with the increase in training. πŸ™‚

  18. yours is one week before mine so I’ve still got that extra week so I’m golden. I’ll panic next weekend.

  19. Great post – you crack me up! I can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

  20. I love that you specified that you weren’t talking about making rugs in your post title…

  21. Ha! I’m in the same boat with my half marathon training, but I’m off by two weeks!! But I’m not going to freak out about it. Like you said, I’ll finish one way or another. Wishing you the best!!

  22. Sometimes it’s realisation that’s the wake-up call we need….!

  23. Only 8 weeks left?! CRAAAAAAAPPPPP.

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