Marc’s 30 Day Squat, Abs and Push Up Challenge

In Which I Try, and Fail, So Try Again Harder

Last week I was looking on blogs and fitness sites and stuff, looking for advice on how to improve my running. Nearly all the sites advised the same thing, IMPROVE YOUR CORE.

I did a bit of research, got distracted by kitten videos, then did a bit more research. There were a lot of exercises that I recognised, Squats, Push Ups and the like, but loads that I didn’t. (Supermans, (Supermen?), Oblique Twists, Bridges.) Then, when I was looking into the exercises, I noticed a picture came up for a 30 Day Squat Challenge.

You start off on Day 1 doing about 50 Squats and by the end of the 30 Days you get to about 250. I also found an Ab Challenge, again 30 days, with a couple of easy to do exercises on it. (Again doing more and more each day.)

I did the first 3 days no problem, then day 4 was a rest day. At the end of day 5 I remembered that I’d forgotten to do the exercises that day, so decided to carry on as normal and skip the next rest day so that I’d catch up. At the end of day 6 I remembered that I’d forgotten to do the exercises on that day too. Bugger.

The problem, I realised, is that I’m easily distracted. (Along with being addicted to Biggest Loser, I’m now a fan of Extreme Couponing and Bitchin’ Kitchin. Normally one of these on at all times so easy to get way-laid.)

Which brings me to this:

Marcs 30 Day Squat, Abs and Push Up Challenge

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Click this link to download the 30 Day Challenge for Word

A no gym, no equipment, 30 Day Squat Challenge, 30 Day Abs Challenge, 30 Day Push Up Challenge, 30 Day Fitness Challenge, all in one!

I gathered together all the info for the Squat Challenge and the Abs Challenge, (found some info for a Push Up Challenge too, because they help with your core), and made a chart.

Do I know what I’m doing? Not really. Do I have any medical knowledge? None. Should you follow this Challenge? Up to you. Can you sue me if you get injured? Nope! Like I said, I have no medical knowledge and if you take this challenge on, it’s on your own head. (And shoulders. And Abs. And Core.)

Weigh yourself before you start the 30 days, then again after you’ve done Days 10, 20 and 30. Make a note each time on the chart. Measure yourself too before you start and after Days 10, 20 and 30. Measurements can be a better inclination of weight loss and fitness than weight alone. On the Challenge I’ve written to measure Hips, Waist, Chest and Torso but feel free to add more.

Take a photo before you start, front and side, and then take the same photos in the same clothes after day 30. If you want to, you can send me the photos and I’ll put them up on here so you can show off.

Remember to eat healthy (you can out exercise a bad diet) and keep hydrated. If you feel like it’s too much, half the numbers shown for each day. If the number ends in a half, don’t do half an exercise, round it up. So if it says 15 Push Ups but you’re doing half the numbers, do 8 Push Ups.

You can copy and save the picture above, or click the link underneath the picture to download the Word document.

Print it out, stick it on a cupboard or the fridge, and cross each day off with a big red pen so your progress is there to see.

Don’t wait for the 1st of the Month, or a Monday, get going!

Good luck!


76 thoughts on “Marc’s 30 Day Squat, Abs and Push Up Challenge

  1. It’s amazing what you find when you click links on people who like your posts. My wife and I have decided to take the challenge, and I’ll continue working on my running distances as I train for my first marathon in September. This looks great though!

  2. hey do you do all these exercises in the one go or do you space them out throughout the day?

  3. Reblogged this on Life Challenges and commented:
    I saw thin on a fellow blogger site: hemingwayrun. I love a good challenge.

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  6. Nice challenge. Thanks for putting it out there. I just want to let you know I completed it last week and wrote about it over on my blog if you’re interested.

  7. Hey. I finished it today. The last day took me 48 Minutes to complete. The challenge is quite intense and quickly becomes a test of willpower. I am very glad that I completed it. It was worth it.

    • Excellent!! How do you feel?

      • I feel good. Definitely fitter than before. Also I usually do weights at the gym and I am glad to report that after a month of doing this I actually increased my strength with some of my lifts. Lost a couple of cm’s here and there as well without losing weight so that was also nice.

  8. Hi there
    Can you break it up into sets. Loving it. Whole family doing it, but worried about 250 squats at once. Could it be sets of 50 or so?

  9. Love squats and abs..pushups not so much, but looks like a great challenge!

  10. On day 7! I’m a medical courier and usually am on my feet 6 hrs out of the 8 hrs work day. Dropping off specimens at the hospital, I always take the stairs to the lab on the 3rd floor and will normally be puffing with aching thighs by the time i reach there. But on day 5 of the challenge, my legs do not ache as much and i can run up and down the stair all day!

    I don’t possess the greatest willpower but i’m determined to finish this since i’ve noticed this slight improvement.

  11. Thanks! This is great. I already do a tight core workout, but need to add the other elements. I will use this.

  12. Do you have any tips for aerobic exercises to do during the challenge?

  13. I love how practically every ones saying they will TRY it. Well I will DO it 🙂 even if it takes me a whole day to DO one days training. This will be interesting think …

  14. Thanks for shareing !!! I´m from sweden and going to start this challange with a facebook group with my friends !!!!
    Looking forward to start 31 dec !!!

  15. My husband and I are on day 13 of this, and feeling strong! We are both runners and looking to improve on our times. Thank you for the great routine!

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  18. I would like to post a version of this on my blog with a pingback here if that’s OK.

  19. I am in and will start tomorrow.

  20. awesome! i am going to try something like this when i am done with my current 30 day challenge!

  21. My goal in the off season is to improve my core as well, so will definitely be trying this. Not too sure about the double leg raises as my back cannot handle it. Maybe I will replace that with some sort of back extensions. Thanks!

  22. I did the 30 day squat challenge a couple months ago. I definitely noticed a difference in the way my butt looked after. I would definitely recommend it! I wish I took a before and after pic.

  23. Thanks for “liking” my blog, Hemingway. Funny, I did what you’re doing (on a smaller scale: Half Marathons, not as high a fundraising goal) 5 years ago. You will always look back on this time as a very special one in your life. Definitely work on the core…I’m doing Physical Therapy to help my back and am told a stronger core would have prevented a lot of my problems.


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    One of my favourite bloggers succeeds at being awesome again! :]

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  26. Marc you are wonderful, this is such a great idea! (I’m blogging a new blog now…more hooping-centred.) Will re-blog later this week with a ninja’d version for hooping (providing you don’t mind, it will ping back and everything) 😀 You champ!

  27. This is fantastic! I will have to do this. I had recently begun the 30 day plank challenge – mostly to challenge myself, but also my core needs some major work. I really like the way you have laid out the instructions to measure and weigh ourselves. I need all the instruction I can get!

  28. I recently have added pushups and planks to my daily work out routine. However, timing wise when the day is going by fast I feel getting my run in is more important than anything else. Excellent post!

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  30. going to try! love the idea! mind if I copy your chart to my blog?

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  33. I’m going to give this a try. Might even start tonight! I tried to do a Julyathon where I exercised every day for the whole month but that didn’t go so well, hopefully this’ll be a bit easier to stick to – although the exercises don’t look so easy so I’ll probably be eating my words soon enough! 🙂

  34. LOL, very well written and witty article.

  35. Gah! Cat videos! hehe

  36. Okay, I might have to try this. Scary, but a great thing to be able to do with no excuses (oh, no time to get to the gym, nothing to do with the kids, that kind of thing). Can’t wait to start and see how it goes. Good luck!!

  37. Reblogged this on Fi's Mutterings & Mumblings and commented:
    When I saw this post, I thought “That’s a good idea. A 30 day challenge is just what I need for the Summer holidays to keep my strength training going when I can’t get to the gym as often, if at all. I’ll join in with that.” I posted on the comments that I would join in the challenge and then looked at the challenge … Day 1 is OK (I’ve done it) – 10 push ups (yes, I can actually do 10 full push ups now after training with a personal trainer once a week for the past 6 weeks), 50 squats (easy), 15 sit ups, 5 crunches, 5 leg raises (these are a bit more difficult due to still having a weak but flexible back) and hold the plank for 10 seconds (again, easy).

    However, I then looked at the last day (really shouldn’t have done that!) – 75 push ups, 250 squats, 125 sit ups, 150 crunches, 65 leg raises and hold the plank fro 120 seconds (that’s 2 minutes!). What!?!

    OK, I’m officially mad but I’m going to give it a good go anyway.

  38. Yoga is also a GREAT way to improve your core, and there are many other benefits as well.

  39. Totally doing too!

  40. I’m with everyone else, I’m going to give it a go too. I usually have a good core/strength routine as part of my regular fitness programme but during the Summer holidays I can’t get to the gym so it tends to go by the way-side. I figure since I have said on here that I’ll do it it will give me the motivation to keep going at home as I don’t need weights or gym machines for this 😀

    On another note, I have found that my running improved when I added leg and core exercises into my fitness routine as with stronger leg muscles you can propel yourself further for longer. It also helps with muscle endurance.

    Good luck.

  41. So how do you feel? Did your measurements change? What was the hardest part / week?
    Has your running improved? Are you continuing the routine? If so, how many do you do of each exercise now? and has it become a routine or a habit? It does take 21 days to form a habit, has this challenge become part of your workout?

  42. Love this! Going to give it a try! Thanks…

  43. I am going to try it 🙂 It looks….reasonable! I have never really done measurements before, but I agree that is a better way to measure fitness. Especially if you are gaining muscle. Thanks for sharing!

  44. I love it! I’m def. adding this to my workout routine! Thank you for sharing!

  45. Totally doing this!

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