Dragon Boat Racing

In Which I Get Right Wet

A few weeks ago Ironman Tony asked if I wanted to join in with some Dragon Boat racing for charity. I said yes, because, well… Dragons. Had no idea what a Dragon Boat was, so did a bit of a Google and came up with this:



I’ll be honest, it didn’t help.

Googled some more, and found this:



That. Looks. BRILLIANT.

On Saturday we (Me, Ironman Tony, Sarah, Susan Marion and Hannah) made our way to Leeds (Clarence Docks I think it’s called) and met up with Ironman Rob, Karen and Riley, and a few others too to take part in the annual Dragon Boat race. 

There were (Including us) 16 teams of 16 (I think) and you were guaranteed three races in the Dragon Boats, with the ones that recorded the best times going onto Semi Finals and then Finals. One team where all dressed as Where’s Wally (or Waldo, for you Americans) and another were dressed as Spartans.

After a quick talk from a girl with a clipboard about safety and how to row and stuff, we were in out life jackets, paddles in hand, ready to get on a Dragon Boat. The aim, when paddling, is to put your paddle straight down into the water, pull it back to your hip, then repeat, in time to the drum that was on the front of the boat and being drummed by a member of our team. (ONE! TWO! ONE! TWO!)

We didn’t do too bad in the first race (not too good either) but won by a second or so. I didn’t get too wet either, I think I only got splashed once and that’s because the person in front of me seemed to have trouble with keeping time. Can be quite hard sometimes, counting to two I guess.


After the first race is where I think it started to go wrong. Beer happened. 

Lots of beer happened.

Between races we were waiting maybe an hour or so, possibly a bit longer, and as it was a semi-warm day and a Tesco Express a few minutes away, we took advantage of the Beer and Cider offers. 

By the time we were called for our second race, we were a bit tipsy. We started off strong on this one, but halfway down we all went out of sync and ended up losing the race. Also, we all got wet due to losing the rhythm. Ah well, time for more beer.

By the time the third race came around, we were more than tipsy. Slightly drunk, perhaps, and that’s not a good idea when combined with a boat. This time the other boat set off faster than us and everyone on our team was happy to give up trying halfway down the canal and so we drifted, splashing each other and recorded the slowest time of the day. Absolutely soaked.

We all had a lot of fun though, and that’s what these things are about. (Said like a true loser…) After the third race we stopped and watched all the others go on to the final and cheered them on, then had to help some of our team members finish their beers as they had an actual full sized bin full of ice and cider and beer. It was tough. 😀


I think it was the Where’s Wally’s (Waldo’s) that won, but not sure because I couldn’t find one to ask.

10 thoughts on “Dragon Boat Racing

  1. Which areas of the body did you feel the ‘burn’, if any? I’m going to go out for my first dragon boat training session in the near future and look forward to the torture….I mean fun.

    • None, really. The races only last for about a minute – minute and a half (the one we did anyway).

      Felt a little bit in my arms, but not so much. I imagine if it’s training they’ll do it properly though, so possibly burn…!

  2. That sounds awesome! Sports, Beer, water, Whooa! All done with safety in mind. Good clean fun!

  3. Looks like great fun! Sports with beer involved is always a winner in my book!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time. I’m doing a Dragon Boat Race in York on 14th July to raise money for my charity. Should be a great day, providing it doesn’t rain. If anyone comes to York, just look out for the sea of green crocodiles 🙂

  5. Any event that combines sports and beer has to be a good time!

  6. It sounds like you guys were actually the winners… Beer and all.

  7. That looks like fun. I especially liked hearing how the races deteriorated the more beer you drank. Funny!

  8. Awesome……..Just Awesome Share.I love it.Looking forward for more.Alex,Thanks.

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