What I Did This Week (By Marc, age 31 1/3)

In Which I Swim, Bike and Run (But Not On The Same Day)


Every Monday is swim day. I have a lesson at 7:15pm each week that lasts 45mins, and there’s about 10 of us. Is it wrong that I don’t know anyone’s names? I think it’s gone too far now to start asking what everyone’s called, seeing as though I’ve been having these lessons once a week since February…

I’m quite a strong swimmer when it comes to breaststroke now, and I need to get working on my distances. I think I can do about 100m without stopping but as the Triathlon I’m looking at in September is 400m swim, I could do with getting better. I keep meaning to go through the week for a swim but always find something else to be doing, like sleeping or looking at the cat.

On Monday the instructor (name…. no idea.) split us into 2 teams of 5, and gave us each a pool noodle. (Like a long float thing) He told us that we were going to race across the pool and back in a line. Everyone had to put the noodle under their arms. The person at the front was to do normal breaststroke, then the person behind held onto the front persons noodle, then the 3rd held onto 2nd and so on. People 2-5 had to just use their legs (as hands were full of noodles.) When getting to the other side, the person in front dropped to the back and held onto the noodle, then 2nd person was at the front and therefore used arms and legs to get everyone back.

That's not me in the picture

That’s not me in the picture

The aim was to go across the pool until everyone had had a go at the front, then seeing who finished first. I don’t know if you’ve seen the film ‘Human Centipede’, but that’s the general idea.

I was 3rd to start with, so we went across the pool, moved to 2nd, then came back, and I was the lead swimmer. I went across the pool powering my arms as hard and as fast as I could and was surprised at how easy it seemed to drag everyone across. As we reached the far side, I turned and noticed that instead of 4 people in a row behind me, there was just one. Someone had let go, and so we ended up losing due to going back for them and swimming it again.

It’s because of things like this that I don’t bother learning their names.

Tuesday: Decided on a Marathon plan at last! I downloaded an app called ‘My Asics.’ You go on their website (free to sign up) then put in your details such as what distance you want to complete, how fast you’ve finished a 10k and stuff, date of your run, how quick you want to finish, and it comes up with a full plan for you to follow, which you can then sync to the app. You choose whether you want to run 2/3/4 times a week, and if you want to take it easy/medium/hard and then it adjusts your predicted finishing time.

Mine originally said that if I follow the plan, 3 runs a week, I can expect to finish the Yorkshire Marathon in around 4:19.

I changed the details that I entered, lied a bit, and now it says 3:55. Figure that if I train for a sub 4 hour, then I should be able to finish under 4:30 easy enough! Also, when you put in your details of runs run it adjusts your finishing time up or down depending how you’ve done.

Wednesday: Today was Grandad-In-Law Normans 83rd birthday so used it as a rest day (and a beer day). He showed us his new road bike that he’d bought himself ready for Skipton Triathlon in September. Had an 83rd birthday and is entering a triathlon. What’s your excuse?

Thursday: What happened Thursday? I can’t remember. Oh wait, yeah! I biked to work and biked home. When I go home, because it’s all uphill, there’s one route that’s a bit of a hill, then flat, then a steady hill for about 3/4 of a mile, then flat to home. The other route is a bit of a hill, then a LOT of a hill but doesn’t go on too far, then flat. Today, I did the first route home and managed to get all the way up in a tougher gear than I’ve ever managed before. Very chuffed with that!

Friday: Biked to work again, and biked home too. This time I did the other route, and when I got to the big hill I passed the bit where I normally have to get off and do the push of shame, then somehow managed to get all the way up the hill! (Not in a tough gear or anything, but it’s still progress!) I’m glad I can feel myself getting stronger on the bike. If only I felt stronger running!

Saturday: Biked to work again, and decided that I need to up my miles a bit. I normally go in a straight line to work (roads permitting, I don’t ride through gardens) and decided that I’ll go a longer way around, and also because Sarah was picking me up after work because we were going shopping. If you look at the pic, I normally go from the green dot to the red dot (3.5mi) and this route was about 6.5mi.

photo (1)

Sunday: Today I was walking to work, it’s 3.5mi and takes just under an hour. I left my bike at work last night, otherwise I’d’ve ridden (rode…?) down to work. I was sat on the sofa watching Sunday Brunch before setting off when the thought hit me: “I could RUN to work!” I asked Twitter for motivation, and it came from @beady_stace @10marathons @vanishedbob and @Hansplat so that was nice. They all told me to go and run to work (apart from @hansplat who said working on a Sunday was bad enough with out running, took that to mean motivation though) and @beady_stace said to reward myself with cake.

I had a nice steady run/walk down to work and ended up getting to work 15minutes earlier than normal, think I might make it a regular Sunday thing!

Seen quite a few blogs mentioning the York Marathon but not many saying they’re running the British 10k in London in July. Let me know if you are, I’ll keep an eye out for you!

30 thoughts on “What I Did This Week (By Marc, age 31 1/3)

  1. Enjoyed reading about your week~ You are an funny guy and an inspiration. I am training for my 3rd Marathon (NY on Nov 3rd) and need all the inspiration I can get.

  2. I enjoyed your post. You’re funny! I think those were kids in the pool. Are you taking swim lessons with the kids? Good luck with your training. I only run 5Ks. But I’m pretty happy with that! It’s enough to keep me in shape, as I fun three times a week!

  3. I love swimming – thanks for the like!

  4. OK, I don’t comment often your blog, but seriously you get me smile EVERY time. Just laying under the sun and was thinking whether to go running or biking or just keeping laying under the sun. Will go running then!

    And yes, names are difficult to remember…especially when you never asked them 😉

    Keep on writing, running, biking…
    Sunny smiles from from here!

  5. Runtastic is an interesting looking app. I’m not familiar with it. Do the colors in the course line indicate pace?

  6. I’ve not seen the film Human Centipede but my husband described it to me, I’m sorry to say! Keep up the good work. I began swimming when I was four years old and love it!

  7. There is clear evidence every day (just as you recognized while riding your bike on Thursday and Friday) that you are getting stronger and stronger. Soon enough you will see similar progress with running. Keep it up and stay positive! Happy running! 🙂

    • Thank you! Up to last week I’ve not really been doing much running, and it’s always been the same distance, but following the marathon plan I’ll be running more, and further.

  8. It’s because of things like this that I don’t bother learning their names. Gold!

  9. Looks like a solid week. Glad you’ve found a plan that will work for you!!!!

    And too funny about people’s names. When I first started working with my coach…I discovered we had a tiny little problem. I have some hearing loss (I’m not old I swear, but if someone gives you ear plugs on an old military plane being used to dump food in Africa, you SHOULD use them…), and he mumbles. So for a while he would say stuff to me and I’d nod and smile and hope it wasn’t a question. Though I did know his name. These days, he knows I’m deaf, and takes care to enunciate… LOL

  10. I thought I was clear on my position regarding Ironman tattoos but I’m ready to make an exception for Grandad-in-law Norman. A triathlon aged 83? RESPECT!

  11. A very amusing blog. I admire you for going back for the ones who let go. I am not sure I would have – not if they didn’t know my name : )

  12. Marc,

    I like your honesty and wry sense of humor. I’m like you. I won’t usually ask people their names unless they approach me. Whatta ya gonna do?

  13. You are so funny! I love your blog and I love your sense of humour. Way to go Hemingway 🙂 thanks for blogging and making me laugh x

  14. Another entertaining blog entry and a busy week for you. Loved your comment about not learning people’s names. Made me chuckle.

    I’ve been trying to get other races on the calendar but I have a busy summer of weekends or training so I’m going to try and squeeze Park Runs into my long sessions.

    Good luck with it all. Despite everything it sounds like you’re having fun. I was going to enter the British 10K but so many friends convinced me it wasn’t so well organised that I chose not to. I hope you’ll prove them wrong.

  15. Human Centipede in the swimming pool???? Not a pretty picture! Good job on a great week of training.

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