York Marathon On The Horizon

In Which I Do What I Should’ve Done For Blackpool Marathon, And Forward Plan.

(Actually I DID Forward Plan For Blackpool, But Didn’t Stick To It)

In Which I Do What I Should’ve Done For Blackpool Marathon, And Forward Plan, AND Stick To It…!

I love York. It’s a beautiful city full of Olde-English history and streets, wonderful for a day out or a weekend away. There’s hundreds of pubs and bars within the city walls, and plenty of places to eat, along with museums, ruins, and things to visit. It’s one of the most haunted citys in England (as seen in England on the show ‘Most Haunted’) and is the birthplace WH Auden, Judi Dench and of Guy Fawkes (who tried to blow up Parliment, how can you not like him?)

In just over 4 months, however, I’ve a feeling I’ll HATE York. For a bit.

Just been on the Yorkshire Marathon website and it says it’s just over 133 days until York Marathon. Plenty of time, thought I, until following a swift calculation on a calculator, I worked out it’s 19 weeks.


That’s 3 more weeks of building back up a base fitness level, then starting a 16 week marathon plan. (Of which, I’m still yet to decide.) Seriously, there’s bloody LOADS of different ones! Makes me tired just reading them. (Makes me tired just SEARCHING them!)

At least I’m not going to be short on choice.

The York Marathon is a full loop, one circuit, where as the Blackpool Marathon was out-and-back laps of a 10k route. From the 10k runs I’ve done I know I much prefer the out-and-back run, because even though the miles/kilometres are marked, and you can see when you’re half-way done, my head seems to better process actually getting to a turn around point and heading back to the start, rather than carrying on in a loop. I think on the long runs leading to the marathon I’ll practice running loops instead of there-and-backs. (Or: TABs. Hope that catches on!)


After the holiday of eating and drinking WAY too much, I’m back on the exercise and healthy eating. I’ve been cycling to work and back twice a week (3.5mile each way) and also walking to, then running home from work twice a week. (Surprisingly, also 3.5mile each way!) I’ll be doing the long runs on a day off.

I also go swimming on a Monday evening, and keep trying to get out of bed early and go swimming on a Thursday morning before work (but that hasn’t happened yet…)

I need to get back to the gym and start going about twice a week for strength training and would love any comments on the best machines/exercises I should be doing to help me on my way.

100% determined to make a running schedule and stick to it this time. Not like Blackpool where I made a schedule then didn’t do anything on it, and subsequently hated the 2nd half of the run. If I hadn’t’ve already signed up for York before doing Blackpool, I doubt I would’ve signed up!

Does anyone have a decent marathon training plan? Or tips? Or free stuff?

Any and all advice is welcome!

Next run is the British 10k in LONDON BABY on the 14th July

19 thoughts on “York Marathon On The Horizon

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  2. Hi Marc, love the blog! I’m also running York marathon – it will be my first one, eeeppp!!! Looking forward to seeing how you get on with your training, good luck 🙂

  3. suggest the book “Marathoning for Mortals” by John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield. It has great advice and doable training plans.

  4. Even though I don’t run marathons, I can relate to the mental challenges created by not having a good sense of the course. Not sure if you plan on going to York at any point before the race, but you might consider cycling the route, just to become familiar with it. Make mental notes as to key mile markers. Do it more than once if you can. I find familiarity with a course really helps with the timing. Good Luck!

  5. Hemingway, I have some years on you, but what worked best for me as I aged was mixing it up, like you are already doing. Alternate running with cycling and swimming and you will run longer in life. But you still need to do the road work, no getting around it. Do a long run every other week, increasing at least two miles with each long run. And the most helpful training I’ve ever done, and still do to this day, is hill training. Kill the hills! Find hills that challenge, hate them at first, but they will become your friend in the end. Good luck!

    • Cheers Jim!
      I run home from work twice a week and its hills all the way! I can feel myself getting fitter with each run.
      Hate being at the bottom of a hill looking up, but love the feeling of being at the top!

  6. I’m thinking if you have slacked off, a 16 week ramp up is mighty mighty tough on someone for the beast that the Marathon is. I just finished the Bayshore with a 16 week plan and almost fell apart totally. Next Marathon, and I’m already training with big huge base is in 6 months…. Be careful so you don’t get injured.

    • So long as I get round, and in a quicker time than the last one, I’ll be happy. Any training is an improvement on last time when I just coasted by…! 🙂

  7. For lifting, focus on large muscle groups and compound exercises to make the most of your time. Also, don’t be afraid of free weights.

    Does your gym have Body Pump? I’m an instructor so I have to mention it 🙂

  8. I’m using the “Run Less, Run Faster” training plan. It’s built around 3 runs per week and 2 other low-impact workouts, like biking or swimming (which it sounds like you are already doing!). The authors wrote a book about their plan and the science behind it-basic idea is to not overload with “junk” running miles, but to make each run purposeful and then bike or swim to cross-train. I’m prone to injury, so it sounded like just what I needed for my next marathon. Good luck to you! Enjoy reading your blog and getting a runner’s perspective from across the Atlantic!

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