Postponed Bradford 10k – DNS – Short Blog Entry

In Which I Do Little Apart From Be Jealous

Today there was the following races being raced:

Manchester Marathon

Manchester Half Marathon

Marathon Of The North

Half Marathon Of The North

Lancaster Three Bridges

Sunderland 10k

Bradford 10k (Which I had entered, and had been postponed from March)

And probably loads of others.

My ankle and leg is still sore from the blackpool marathon three weeks back (blisters gone now, just loads of skin left. Hope you aren’t eating while you read this.) Also, I’m entered into the Leeds 1/2 Marathon two weeks today, so didn’t want to aggravate my soreness before then. (because you get a medal in Leeds)

Rob ran Bradford 10k and managed to edge under 53 minutes with 52:45, and Nigel managed a little over 56 minutes! Also, all day on Twitter I’ve being seeing updates from various people that had run various races and everyone seems to have gotten a PB today!

(Commiserations, however, go out to Martyn who ran Sunderland 10k and got sent the wrong way and so ran 10 miles, and to Steve whose car broke down on the way to his Lancaster race and spent it in a service station instead!)


Last Monday I went to my swimming lessons and managed to do two full lengths of the pool. (33 metre pool so thats…. 66m!)

That’s the furthest I’ve ever swum (only started lessons in February) so chuffed with that. Tomorrow I’m going for 100m to make up for not running the 10k today, cheer myself up a bit!

Next race: Leeds 1/2 Marathon on 12th May

Then flying out to Lanzarote on the 16th May to watch Ironman Tony race Lanzarote Ironman on the 18th May!

9 thoughts on “Postponed Bradford 10k – DNS – Short Blog Entry

  1. Hi Marc, just thought I’d pop by to see how you’re going. After 6 weeks, I am only starting to get back to a running routine again, and running 5K is enough to kill me. The pain in my right foot is gone but the blisters are still there, and my ankles and knees are still weak and sore. So I hear you.
    The memory of how good it felt to run the Paris Marathon however, is strong enough to make me consider racing again (such madness among runners). There’s a 15km run in Versailles end of June and I wonder if I have enough time to rebuild some semblance of fitness by then.
    Do share how you went in Leeds! I’m marvelling how you were racing while I was still hobbling.

    • Hello!
      I was still injured when Leeds came around so missed out on it, instead went to Lanzarote to watch the Ironman event! Glad to hear your marathon hasn’t put you off running for good.

      Hope you get better soon!

  2. I learned to swim in my 30’s when my youngest was in kindergarten. I went to the pool while she was in “school” and eventually, over the year, completed 16 lengths which was my goal. I made friends with the other regulars at the pool who kept me on track and motivated me to keep going. But that was then. I don’t swim now but I know I can if I need to. Keep going!

  3. You are commended! By the way, for good swim tips, there’s a fellow community member or two I know of. The Water Blogged Triathlete and Open Water Swimming. Hope they provide good insider’s swim tips.

  4. Besides you’ll never know what’d happen if you had run with that sore ankle!!
    Always better to give yourself more rest and be raring to charge, than be running with injuries.
    Good luck for Leeds!!

  5. Glad you are Resting that ankle and leg so you’re strong for Leeds! You’re going to rock it!

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Good job on the swimming! I know it’s not easy to learn a new skill, especially one that involves coordination of your whole body, but I admire you for it and know you will just get better and better!

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