Two Days Until Blackpool Marathon

In Which I’m Right Nervous!

So, in 43 hours time (if you’re reading this on Friday 5th April at 13:30, otherwise it’s less) the gun will go off, and I’ll go off, off on my first ever marathon.

Blackpool (the Paris of the north) is having it’s marathon on the same day as Paris (the Blackpool of the south) has their marathon. Don’t know how many are running Paris, but in Blackpool there’s around 900 of us. (A blogger I follow and that follows me is running Paris, his blog is here: Good luck!)

People keep asking if I’m ready, and I keep saying No. I’m sure most people think that before their first marathon though, especially if they haven’t trained enough. (like me.) Whatever happens though, I’m determined to get around in one piece. I started my carb loading last night (heap of pasta and bread) and have carried it on today (Turkey sandwich for breakfast, chicken sandwich at 11, flapjack just now, turkey for dinner, etc etc) and still have tonight and all day tomorrow to carry on carbing.

There’s a tower in Blackpool (Paris has nothing on them!) which we pass at around about the 10k point, then again at 20k, then at 30k and the last time at 40k, and as the run is pretty much flat the whole way in an out and back set-up, we should be able to see the tower the whole time. (Until we pass it, obviously. Unless we run backwards. Which I won’t.) I figure this’ll make it better for first timers like me, because there’s pretty much always a landmark to aim for.

I’m meeting Rob and his wife Claire in Bradford train station at 12 tomorrow morning, from whence we make our way to Blackpool to stay over night, quite near the start/end of the run. Followed by beer.

I’ve made a checklist of everything I might need (and more) so thats a load of my mind. I’m currently working out a playlist for the marathon, which has plenty of rock music to keep me motivated. My plan at the minute is run to each water station then walk through having some water. They’re spaced every 5k (just about) so again, a good marker to aim at.

After the run I’m off home to have a take away with Sarah and Indy, and then I’m settling in for the night to watch Wrestlemania 29. Should be a good end to (hopefully) a great weekend!

(All your best wishes towards me and Rob are welcomed!)

39 thoughts on “Two Days Until Blackpool Marathon

  1. Hah! I rread your marathon posts backward, so that I already knew you completed it and got a mondo blister before I read this post. LOL. But it’s fun to see what people do to get ready anyway. The having a landmark thing to watch out for seems like a good idea. Did it help you any?

  2. Best of luck to you!!! That is an amazing accomplishment! Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday!

  3. How did you go, Marc? =) I’m itching to congratulate you!

  4. Oh, I can`t wait to hear how it all went today! Have to follow your blog now!

  5. Well, you should be cherishing your medal and reliving your finish by now.
    I hope your first marathon is one filled with fond memories and a few good laughs. I can’t wait to read your race report. Personally, I love smaller races!

  6. Good Luck, looking forward to a review afterwards

  7. You will have a wonderful adventure — I know you can do it! I can’t wait to hear all about it…

  8. Good luck! You won’t sleep the night before (I didn’t b/c of nerves), so just remember that your body is still resting even though your mind might be racing with pre-race jitters. My first race if the season is also on Sunday – a 10-miler in Washington, D.C.

  9. Woohoo good luck! You’ve already completed half the battle once you cross that start line, have fun!

    “The miracle isn’t that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham.

    One of my favorite quotes when I’m gearing myself up for a challenging run 🙂

  10. Enjoy! My Second marathon is coming in about amonth and I am flipping out. Not trained as I had hoped, but I gotta admit…I’m a heck of a lot better trained than I was in 2010!

    I hope it is a good fun positive experience for you!

  11. Most important: have FUN! It’s an instant PR, so just do your best. Have a great race!

  12. Good luck – run your own race! 😀

  13. Def walk the water stations – in London 2011 I was tripped in a water station atnmile 15 and lost a tooth & shoe 😦
    Found shoe after 8 minutes soaking wet as kicked along empty water bottles. Good job I had a red shirt on ! As my toughest was lacerated by broken tooth edges.
    Good luck, I too have friend running Paris will be good to compare north & south tower marathons after 🙂

  14. How exciting – best of luck, Marc!

  15. How exciting! Wishing you a fun and fast run!

  16. Hope you have a wonderful time! I’ve been to Blackpool twice and loved it both times, especially the new bit outside the tower with all the quotes – stood there for well over an hour!

  17. Dude, I was wondering when you were going to post something about your pre-marathon race nerves. I’m sitting here biting on my socks.
    Very good to sort out the playlist. I’ve got Muse, The Pixies and U2 on mine, among others. I didn’t think about the walking through water stations idea, but it’s a brilliant strategy. I was thinking about just running until I reached some landmarks and stop to take some photos, or something.
    Thanks for the well wishes, and all the best to you too. You’ve been a wonderful imaginary running partner and I know when my legs are failing me, I’m going to pretend you’re shouting at me to hurry up.

    • I’ve gone for Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, The Almighty and a few classic rock favourites. Hopefully we’ll both be fine! Have you printed a split time thing? I downloaded one, searched for marathon time splits and you put in your wanted time, then you can print out a wrist thing with mile splits on. When I feel like stopping, I’ll think that you’re still running to spur me on. What time do you set off?

      • It starts at 8.45am but I do believe we’re GMT +1. Also, since I’m running at the back of the pack I don’t expect to actually start till 9.15am.
        No, I haven’t got split times to work towards. In all honesty I aim to simply finish without collapsing. I’d say realistically, I would aim for 4.5 hours.
        Forgot to answer your earlier question, there are 50,000 runners for the Paris Marathon. I’m telling myself, no matter how hard the run will be for us, it ain’t nothin’ compared to the work for the clean-up crew!

  18. Run H Run! You’re stronger than you think. To Finish is to Win!

  19. Good luck to you!!!!!!

  20. How exciting that you are doing your first marathon. Good luck and enjoy!

  21. Hey best of luck – I am sure Blackpool will be far more glamorous than Paris – sacre bleu!

  22. Good luck, will think of you, and my friend who is doing Paris on Sunday! Think of me next Sunday, doing my first around Brighton – we get to look at the pier rather than a tower. Not such a good landmark though! Hope there is a strong sea breeze. Let us know how you get on.

  23. Congratulations on taking the challenge to run your first marathon! It is an awesome challenge that requires guts to take on! Enjoy the experience and don’t forget to save some for the last 6 miles!

  24. Remember to stay in the moment and keep your feet up. Good luck! 🙂

  25. Good luck! My first marathon is coming up in about a month and I’m already getting nervous. Sounds like a good plan to walk the water stations. I’m not coordinated enough to drink and run so I’ll probably do that too. Remember to have fun!

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