How to fundraise without pissing people off.

Greg James has skinny dipped his skinny ass into crocodile infested water, a florescent pink –clad Rosemary Shrager has been dramatically aerial lifted (is that the right expression?) by a group of strapping young males (brilliant), and The Saturdays have space-hopped across Westminster bridge.

It can only mean one thing. Comic Relief is upon us once more.

The nation’s “funniest fundraiser” – which climaxes in its usual all night TV extravaganza of bizarre TV, pop, radio, and sports star cameo routines, blended with a flicker of the general public (GP), and soaked in a large batch of heart-wrenching documentary films on March 15 – has chuckles ebbing across the land early this year.

And hats off to all the celebs taking part. There’s no denying they do a good job at motivating the rest of us mere plebs into taking action; into setting up our own campaigns, into loosening our…

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  1. Thanks again Mark – and GREAT blog – so impressed! 🙂

  2. I don’t normally re-blog stuff (in fact, this is the first time!) But my twitterfriend wrote the above, and that Jameela lass (I think she’s on E4 and stuff, and the radio) took great GREAT offense. If you want to have a look at the tweetwar, search @chattervix.
    I’d like to copy and paste the tweets, but as I sent Jameela a tweet about the blog, she’s blocked me.
    Bit petty.
    Back to running blog on Monday, I promise!!

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