Not Much Progress Since Last Week

Weigh-in (Jan 15th) 15st 3lbs / 213lbs / 96.6kg
Gain/Loss Total: -4lbs / 1.8kgs

In Which Not A Lot Of Exercise Happens

I’m not updating my mileage this week, as it’ll depress me. I’ll be as depressed as a dwarf at Disneyland. (Because they’re too short for rides, not because they’re overworked or anything…)

I’ve just been too too busy! I’m in the middle if two weeks off of work, but for the first few days we’ve been busy fitting lights, fixing garden sheds, and pulling up floor boards in the attic to get out for a run or anything. (The summerhouse has a new roof now, you’ll be pleased to hear, all ready for tomorrow to set up my turbo trainer!)

Also, we’ve had a mini honeymoon break in the Lake District for a couple of nights. It was VERY cold and snowy up there, and have returned to -5 weather, so not attempting to go out in this cold and ice.

Tomorrow or Friday I’m nipping up to the gym at the top of the road to sign up and as I said, setting up my bike, so if the cold carries on it won’t stop me. Quite a bit of catching up to do! Going out with Nigel and Ironman Tony on Sunday for a 38mile bike ride to skipton and back. (Perhaps a 19 mile ride there and a 19 mile train journey back for me…)

Next race should be Meltham 10k on 27th Jan, but I now have a hospital appointment on the 25th for a wisdom tooth taking out. They say no exersice or work for four days after, so possibly will be missing my first race of the year. An I disappointed? Yeah. An I letting it get me down? Not in the slightest!



15 thoughts on “Not Much Progress Since Last Week

  1. Waitwaitwait,
    “Gain/Loss Total: -4lbs / 1.8kgs”
    Is that how much weight you’ve lost so far, or just this week?
    Because if it’s so far in 2013, that means you’re definitely making progress, and if it’s this week then holy crap you’re doing *amazing*. Like, Christian-Bale-gaining-100-lb.-of-muscle-in-6-months-amazing.

  2. Good luck with it. Signing up to these event really is the biggest step. Hope the training goes well (and this snow clears soon!). Dying to get out again myself or I feel i will lose momentum!

  3. Sometimes life gets in the way of us doing what we plan to do … It sounds like you’ve been incredibly busy doing really important things and although you have not been running in the purest sense of the word, you sure have been doing a lot of “running around” and accomplishing lots a things … the dwarfs would be proud of you ….

  4. I think that you’re right on not being able to run 2 days after getting your teeth pulled! Sorry you’ll miss your race, but the winter is a tough time to run. Still, at least you can manage witty posts to keep us entertained!

  5. The concept of a depressed dwarf at Disneyland had me laughing out loud. Agree about the photos, very nice.

  6. I think you’re really wise not to go out running. It’s treacherous here. -10 this morning and skates would be preferable to any other foot ware!

  7. I think honeymoons are more important than running, personally. There are some things that just come first.

  8. Agreed. Those are beautiful!

  9. You might not have made much progress on running, but your photos look great. 🙂

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