Day 8 of 365 – Progress


Weigh-in (Jan 8th) 15st 3lbs / 213lbs / 96.6kg
Gain/Loss Total: -4lbs / 1.8kgs

Miles I Should’ve Done To Date: 44
Miles That I Have Done To Date: 38.82
Difference: -5.18

Ran: 5.84
Cycled: 21.8
Walked: 11.18
Swam: 0

In Which I Set My Sights High

THAT’S more like it! Closer to my average than I was last time, almost caught up to it in fact! I have a rest day scheduled for tomorrow though, so that’ll widen the gap again, but I now know that I can catch up where needed, especially seeing as though I’m over my flu. (Thanks to everyone who sent me messages of support!) Also, I’m running home tonight a distance of 3.5miles which means I’ll only be about 1.7 miles short.

4lbs weight loss is quite good for a week! I read somewhere that on average you can lose 3lbs a week due to exercise and healthy eating. Wouldn’t want to lose more than 4lbs a week though, as I don’t want to be a crash dieter.

After today I’m off work for two whole weeks (due to not taking much holiday days last year) and I’m working on a training plan to get in the extra miles while I have the chance. I want to up the run millage to more than match the cycle miles, but will also be going on one or two long(ish) rides to get the practice in.

I cycled the 4.5mile route home the other night, and then something went wrong in my head (probably still ill) and decided to go out for a 1.2mile run to finish! (Technical term: A Brick. I think it’s called this because afterwards my legs felt like stone.) It was a strange sensation, going from a bike to a run in a short period of time, but I managed it!

Signed up to the British 10k run in London in July, in part because it’ll be nice to get away for a few days and do a bit of sightseeing, but mainly because you get a very cool medal, PLUS a spring/summer technical top AND an autumn/winter technical top!



Me: I don’t think I want to do a marathon. I enjoy 10k runs, but didn’t really enjoy that half marathon I did last year. I think I’ll stay away from marathons and stick to 10k runs for most of the year.

Rob: I’ve signed up to the Blackpool Marathon in April.

Me: That sounds like fun, I’ll sign up too!

10 minutes and £30 later, I’m in it. Also, booked a hotel for the weekend in case I can’t walk afterwards. I was supposed to be doing the Lincoln 10k that day, but decided on this instead. (Yes, I checked, there’s a medal.) This means that I need to be upping my miles week on week to get the proper training in. Most marathon plans are 16weeks, but it’s only 12weeks away.

I think I’ll find a plan and just start on week 4, that sounds sensible…

In similar news, it’s announced today that they are starting in York Marathon in October this year, so I’ve gone from ‘No marathons for me!’ to ‘Signed up for two in two days!’


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14 thoughts on “Day 8 of 365 – Progress

  1. March of last year I said I’d like to do a marathon “someday”. Then in June I signed up for one & ran it in December. A lot can change and you can do more than you realized if you put your mind & heart into it. Good luck on your marathons and all your runs this year!

  2. It’s crazy how your legs feel when you try to run after biking, isn’t it 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your marathon. So far I’ve done two. I did the first one at a conservative pace and enjoyed it. I really pushed the second one and it was so much tougher. No marathons for me this year, but I am going to tackle my first Half Ironman triathlon.

  3. Congratulations for signing up for a marathon! Honestly for me training for and running a marathon was such an amazing experience, I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did!

  4. After getting a few half marathons under my belt, I heard the siren song of the full! Good luck with your training and races, and congratulations on your weigh loss!

  5. What a great goal! 2013 in 2013. And here I thought I was pretty awesome for wanting to run 500 miles in 2013 :). I can’t wait to read about your journey….especially your post at the end of the year when you write, “I DID IT!” Have fun! (And congrats on your wedding!)

  6. Great update! You’ll be fine marathon distance I am sure. Well done on the weight loss too. How is the actual fundraising going?

  7. I still think you’re a nutter signing up for two marathons when you didn’t even want to do one! I’m only on week three and I’m already fed up of marathon training. I’m tired!

  8. Guess we’ll have to call you “The Marathon Man!”

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