Day 4 of 365 – Lagging


Weigh-in (Jan 1st) 15st 7lbs / 217lbs / 98.4kg
Gain/Loss Total: ——–

Miles I Should’ve Done To Date: 22
Miles That I Have Done To Date: 5.27
Difference: -16.73

Ran: 1.4
Cycled: 0
Walked: 3.87
Swam: 0

In which I’m not where I hoped to be

Ah. As you can see, I’m on Day 4 and already close to 17 miles behind schedule. In my defense, however, I’ve been quite ill. Ill enough to be sent home from work early on the 2nd Jan. Slightly annoyed that the illness chose the start of my 2013 in 2013 challenge to show it’s sickly head, but what can you do about it? Nothing. Apart from keep coughing up mucus (lovely), sweating into the sheets all night (sorry wifey) and over-dosing on throat sweets.

But then on one of my posts, I got this comment:

I always run (or ride) through colds and flus unless it’s the second day (where even my hair hurts). I believe that getting my body temp and heart rate up really shortens duration and severity. I could be wrong but I’ve been doing it for years and am happy with the results. – bgddyjim

All day yesterday I was thinking about it, thinking about going for a run but still felt crappy. The more I thought on it, the more I wanted to go. At the moment Sarah is working split shifts most days (Cabin Crew in the Summer, Care Worker in the winter) and so I mentioned to her the comment on my blog and that I was thinking about going for a short run. It’d been almost a month since I last ran!

She said ‘If you do, why don’t you wait an hour til I go to work?’

‘I might fall down ill and die though,’ I said, ‘and won’t be able to get in touch with you!’

‘That’s true. How long will you be?’

Hang on.

That’s true? What a lovely thing to say to your new husband! In all honesty, it didn’t cross my mind at the time, only now when I’m recalling the conversation. I’ll tell her off when I get in. Might set the kitten on her toes. (He loves attacking toes!)

Anyway, off I set. Since moving I’ve not run once, and don’t know the area fantastically well, so decided to do a short loop that I figured would be about a mile, maybe a mile and a half. (Turned out to be 1.4!) I did a quick walk to the main road as a warm up, then I set off at a slow pace. The route goes slightly uphill, then curves to the left and goes down hill, then a short, sharp uphill to finish.

As I set off I felt fine. No trouble breathing, no aches or anything, so upped the pace a bit. I passed a Policeman who nodded and said ‘Good lad’ as I went by. This made me smile and going into the downhill, I went a little quicker still.

I thought I was holding about 10:30min per mile, so was chuffed when my sports tracker app read out a pace of 9:22min per mile! I actually finished the 1.4 miles with an overall pace of 9:14min per mile, so very happy with that.

It seemed to clear my man-flu for a while too, until I went to bed and it all started again. I felt ill still this morning, but not as bad as previous days, and so to keep my millage up I decided to walk to work. I actually got out of bed at 07:30am (unheard of for me, normally 08:30am!) Even had time for a coffee and a sit down stroking the cat before I set off.

3.8mile walk took just over an hour. Tonight after work, I’ll be running the same distance home, but it’s mostly uphill on the way back so I’m sure I’ll get a good work out from it!

On another note, I’ve started with healthy eating too. Instead of a dozen coffees through the day, I’m allowing myself one in the morning before work, and one before lunch at work. Green Tea (Apple and Pear flavour) is my tipple of choice now. Had an apple this morning for breakfast (instead of no breakfast, or McDonalds) and have made a healthy salad for my lunch.

Bring it on 2013!!

26 thoughts on “Day 4 of 365 – Lagging

  1. I think it’s OK to run if you have a bit of a cold so long as you aren’t chesty/wheezy, but take it easy. Also don’t give up carbs if you’re running, you need the energy! Good luck with your 2013 target x

  2. These first few weeks will be the hardest IMO keep your chin up and try and keep that negative difference down.. Good luck 🙂

  3. Hey there! Hope you feel better soon, You are a great inspiration! thank you for liking my most recent blog postage. =)

  4. being sick and missing out on workouts is the worst. I definitely try and run a bit very slowly when I’m sick and it helps!

  5. I had a horrible flu/cold/conjuctivitis combination in December. It’s frustrating! I hope you feel 100% again soon. Have fun exploring your new area! I moved to a new place last April, and it was so much fun discovering our new city by foot.

  6. 😉 great post, glad I could offer something decent.

  7. Well done for getting out. My experiences generally suggest getting out once you are over the first day or two is a positive thing where a cold is concerned.

    Word of warning though, it’s very dangerous to run with a virus. So if it feels anymore serious than the common cold, perhaps don’t over exert yourself.

  8. Congratulations! I haven’t got back in to training yet. I train when my son is at school so while he is on school holidays the most I get is walking to work (5km each way) and maybe a walk to the shops if I can fit everything we need in to my large backpack.

    I’m sure you’ll catch up on the miles that you have missed over the next few weeks. Just keep getting out there.

  9. Illness and injury mess with the best laid plans. Glad to hear you’re pushing through. 🙂

  10. Wow — I’d have just crawled into bed. I’ll have to give that a try next time I feel a cold coming on (I rarely get the flu)! And I have seen 127 hours too, but still ran out on a secluded trail with no ID — but my boyfrend got my a RoadID bracelet for Christmas. Plus he always knows when I’m out running on the trail, because I only do it on weekends for safety reasons. I’m sure I couldn’t chew my arm off 🙂

  11. Good work man, keep it up.

    I’ve seen 127 hours too but I still don’t tell anyone where I’m going. I reckon I could eat through my arm if I was desperate…

  12. good work! I’ve not started my 2013 running plan yet (basically down to idleness) but will try and start this weekend.

    re. your comment about falling down ill – I was worried about that as often I’d go running at night with no form of ID or phone on me – I ended up getting a RoadID velcro bracelet thing which has my name, DOB and contact details on. Gives me a bit more confidence that if something were to happen, at least they’d know who I was!

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