2013 Race Schedule (T.B.C)

In 2013, as part of my 2013in2013, (doing 2013k of exercise in 2013 to raise at least £2013) I’m aiming to complete a race a month of at least 10k. So far I’ve worked out a list of 12 races, most of which are 10k, two are 1/2 Marathons and one is an 11k Trail-ish run. There’s a chance that one of the 10k runs will be changed for a marathon, but that depends on if I find the right one to do.

I don’t want to be running a marathon with tens of thousands of people, but don’t want to be running with just elite runners either. Also, I want a medal and a t-shirt. There’s a Yorkshireman Marathon in September, but no medal.

I like medals.

(M) = Medal

(T) = T-Shirt

(Z) = 10 Points. Haha, like in Scrabble and Words with Friends! Get it? No? Nevermind.

JAN 27thMeltham 10k
Near Huddersfield, so not too far away. Finishers receive a ‘memento.’

FEB 10thMad Dog 10k (M)(T)
Subtitled: Judgement Day. Twice voted the best 10k in the country. (By Runners World runners.) It’s in Southport.

MAR 10thFlorette Fradley 10k (M)
A two lap course in Lichfield, Staffordshire, sponsored by the Florette Salad people.

APR 7th – Lincoln 10k (M)(T)
Funnily enough, it’s in Lincoln. Medals from 2012 look very cool, so going for one of those bad boys.

MAY 12thRun For All Leeds 1/2 Marathon (M)(T)
My 2nd ever Half Marathon, and a lot closer to home!

JUN 16th –  Alexander the Great Run  (M)
A 10K Run near Stanwick Lakes in Northamptonshire

JUL 14thRun For All Leeds 10k (M)(T)
Back to Leeds, this time for a nice little 10k.

AUG 31stBlackpool Illuminations 10k (M)
This looks like a fun 10k, along the coast of Blackpool.

SEP 29th – Great Yorkshire Run 10k (M)(T)
Sheffield. We did this one this year, so want to go back and get a decent PB. Nice and flat til the end!

OCT  – Great Edinburgh Run 10k (M)(T)
Another ‘Great Run’, not done this one before though. Och aye!

NOV 16thShakespeare Raceway 10k (M)
No link to Nov run yet, so linked to March run. ‘Flattest 10k you’ll ever run.’

DEC 1stTrack Shack Orlando 1/2 Marathon (M)(T)
Links to this years event. Hopefully HOPEFULLY me and Sarah are off back to Florida at the end of November, so can squeeze this one in quite nicely!

There you have it!

16 thoughts on “2013 Race Schedule (T.B.C)

  1. I think I’m going to kind of copy you. This is a really rad idea. [:

  2. Wow. That’s what I call a schedule! Given that I am going back to racing after three years, I’m awed. In 2013 my goal is one 5k and one 10k … medals and T-shirts completely necessary in my opinion!

  3. Wow. And I’m struggling to find a 10k in the local area to do next!

  4. I need to work on my 2013 schedule also. So far I have a good schedule of races through April and then it drops off. some races do not open registration untill after the first of the year, or later. ;(

  5. This all sounds very exciting! I considered the Mad Dog 10K for this year so I might do it next year. I really wish I could drive so I could get myself around to races further away. Public transport is rubbish on a Sunday.

  6. I’m trying to map out my 2013 schedule now too! I wish that more races would post their dates in advance. You are also lucky to have so many 10Ks nearby; it’s a fun distance to run.

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