Run Home Jack

In which I get confused, at least twice

Is Run Home Jack from ‘Hook’?

Anyway, it’s been 11 days since my last run, 11 days since the half marathon that was the Great North Run. Since then I’ve not run a step, and put on 8lbs in weight.

I rediscovered the joys of junk food and beer in the past week and a half, but have a 10k trail run in little over three weeks so decided so attempt the dreaded ‘run home from work’ once again.

The first time I tried, I called for rescue and got a lift home. The second time, I ran the 1.8 mile, uphill all the way, at an average pace of 11:26 a mile. The time the third, I ran a pace of 11:24, two seconds faster than attempt two. Today, I had no other target than getting home. I’d not run in almost two weeks, and the last run was more than double my previous furthest distance, so really had no target.

I ran it in an average mile of 10:51. That’s 30 seconds quicker per mile, averaged.


It seems that I perform better on a run with no training, lots of beer + junk food. If you want my secret, there’s only one, and that’s to utterly confuse your body.

Also, further to that, when I was running I was enjoying myself. I actually thought that this was fun. Yes, I enjoyed both the 10k runs and the half marathon, but only because of the people I was with and the experience, I didn’t really enjoy the running bit, and haven’t enjoyed running yet, but today I thought, whilst running, ‘this is fun.’ I thought it a few times while making my way home. Maybe I’ve over done the beer?

On a different subject, last night I had a dream that I punched a bear, climbed a ladder, then threw a wolf. Yesterday, I would’ve believed I’d do all that before enjoying a run. Turns out I was wrong.

Also, need a new blog header pic. Slightly outdated now, I guess.

7 thoughts on “Run Home Jack

  1. Yes it was. Ruf-ee-ooooohhh!!

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  3. I had some of my best runs after an evening of margaritas… Go figure! Just don’t attempt to run after a cheese & wine night. LOL.

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  5. My best runs are on very well rested legs too. I think there is something to that!

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