10 Days to 10k’s

The ten day count down has started to the day of the Great North 10k. I didn’t even realise until I saw Martyn’s Facebook update. It said ’10 days.’ He didn’t mention the run, but I figured he meant the run and so put the rest together myself (I’m clever like that.)

We’ve been texting backwards and forwards most days about our training and how we feel afterwards, plus keeping an eye and a helpful comment on each others Sports Tracker app so I know that we’re pretty much on equal footing training-wise. (He’s also a new runner.) We got our race numbers and info packs through the post on Monday (Very exciting!) and as it turns out, even though we both put the same approximate finishing time, he’s in the Green Zone and I’m in the Pink Zone. (Pink?!)

We also got a timing chip each, which measures from when you cross the start line to when you cross the finish line so very accurate. As he’s in the Zone in front, we’ve agreed that he’ll drop back into mine (you’re allowed to move back before the start, but not forwards) and then we can race the whole thing together. (Or, as Martyn put it, ‘more time to slap each others bottoms for motivation’…)

Yesterday myself, Ironman Tony, plus Joe and Riley (Cousins) went out for a three mile run together. It was a big circuit which I’d never run before that took in a few hills and inclines, and more distance than I’d previously run. My legs were aching slightly from the quick mile the day before, but I was quite confident. It didn’t take too long before I didn’t think I’d be able to manage the whole three miles, though. It was probably about a mile into the run. However, I didn’t want to quit and so pushed on. Blimey, the sun was hot. And I was thirsty. And excuses excuses excuses, but I tried to carry on.

Coming to a road, we stopped to let a car past (didn’t fancy getting run over) but I could feel the pain in my legs whilst stood still. I knew that we’d be running past a pub (No, go PAST the pub!) and then up a hill before going the last mile home. I told myself that there was no way I was stopping before the top of that hill, and that’s exactly where I gave in. Or rather, my legs gave in. I shouted to Ironman Tony that I’d have to walk for a bit, but my God it was painful!

Joe and Riley jogged off (no point us all walking) and Ironman ran a bit further. He turned round further down the road and saw how far back I was, so he waited for me to hobble upto him. I explained that my legs were on fire and that I’d done running for the day. I figured out that I’d run 5 days out of the past 6 and he told me that there was the problem, I should be resting at least a day between each run especially being a new runner. Too much too fast!

Making it home, slowly, I had a few nice glasses of water and put some ice on my legs. It felt wonderful. I’ve learned my lesson about trying to do too much I think, and so will be taking it nice and steady in the days leading up to the 10k run. I need to make sure I can at least out pace Martyns ‘bottom slaps’!

2 thoughts on “10 Days to 10k’s

  1. Totally agree with your friend – you MUST take rest days or you’ll pay the price! Well done for what you’ve achieved so far and good luck with the preparation for the 10k!!

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