Run Home From Work Nightmare

Sat 30th June 2012

I decided that seeing as though I’ve got my fitness up a few levels from zero, that it’d be a good idea to try and run home from work.

Bad idea.

I spent the last half hour at work working out which route home would be best to attempt my first uphill-all-the-way run. I didn’t take into account that it was, in fact, up-hill-all-the-way. After my last run of just under 2 miles, I wanted the next one to be at least two miles, and so figured a route that would take me slightly away from the walk home that I would do (as that measures 1.8miles) and instead took a bit of a longer way round. Again, I didn’t take into account that it was going to be UPHILL ALL THE WAY.

I set off from work with the Almighty blasting out of my iPod. (Almighty the band, I wasn’t listening to God or the Bible or anything.) I crossed over the road and made my way up towards the round-a-bout where I stopped to cross the road. I didn’t feel good at all. My legs were aching that aching feeling that I normally get at the end of a run, and I could feel a stitch coming on in my side. It’s a steady incline all the way to my house, apart from a few big hills, and thought I’d at least get to the bottom of the bigger hill before having to walk.

I didn’t even get in sight of the big hill before having to stop and catch my breath. The pain in my side and my legs was getting worse and worse with each step, and this was at walking pace! I tried to job a bit, and couldn’t, so I walked a minute or so before having to do something drastic…

“Hiya, it’s me, can you come pick me up please?”

“Where are you?”

“Halfway home, getting towards the big hill.”

“O.K, on my way.”

I had to ring Sarah to come and get me, I felt in that much pain. I couldn’t understand why, I knew that it would be more of a challenge with the incline but I hadn’t encountered anything majorly hilly, just a steady rise since starting. I hobbled on a bit and finally got to the bottom of the hill, where I leaned on a railing and waited for my Knightess in a shiny Ka.

After we’d gotten home and I’d moaned about my legs hurting for a bit, I checked my sports tracker. I’d stopped it tracking me when I’d stopped to call Sarah, so it only had the info for the part where I actually ran.

Ah. There’s where I went wrong…

So far, the best average speed I’ve held up is 9 minutes 49 seconds for a mile. (6mph)

The run I’d just attempted was was an average 8 minutes 36 seconds for a mile (7.1mph!)

WAY too fast! And uphill all the way! At least I knew that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, just setting off to quick. My mood slightly lightened, I decided to try again the next day.


Sun 1st July 2012

Right. No setting off like a race horse this time. Nice and easy all the way. Good. Let’s go.

I decided that I’d run the normal route that I walk home, see how I felt when I got somewhere near home, and then I could extend my run to 2 miles if I wanted to towards the end. That way, if I got into trouble again, I should be able to walk the rest of the way. I set off at a much slower pace than the day before, and felt SO much better for it. In fact, I managed to get about twice as far as Saturday, and halfway up the first proper hill before slowing down and walking.

I got to the top of the big hill where I normally walk straight on, and decided that yeah, I may as well go the longer way round, then I’d make sure that I was over the 2 mile distance. Even though I was walking half of the time, I wanted to get some idea of what the distance looked and felt like.

Sports Tracker told me that by the time I’d gotten home, I’d done a distance of 2.1 miles, with an average speed of 4.9mph. (Just over 12 minutes a mile.) My slowest yet, but all uphill and my furthest distance, so I didn’t feel bad about it. I knew from when I left work that it’d be a slow time, and that it’d be a combination of walking and jogging, because I’m no where near fit enough to get all the way home, all uphill, by running the entire way. One day though, I will. And it’ll feel good and great, and be worth all the hard work.

3 thoughts on “Run Home From Work Nightmare

  1. Hill workouts are awesome! Keep it up!

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